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How to Repurpose Content for Real Estate

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Have you ever wondered how to best repurpose content? Don’t worry. I can help.

Hey everybody, Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, the #GetSocialSmart Academy and author of the book, Get Social Smart. And it’s episode 219 of the Get Social Smart show. And in this episode, I’m going to share with you how you can best repurpose content to work smarter, not just harder. Okay. Tip number one, start with pillar content. Now I actually talked a little bit about this in my last video. So we’re going to link to that last video below so you can check that out. But pillar content is something that might require a little bit of time, money or resources, it’s content that’s in your voice. That has your opinion, that has your personality. It’s content like video content, Facebook live content, podcast, content, blog content. I really believe that when we look at the agents and brokers, who we get the opportunity to work with, who are getting a lot of business from social media, they’re not just creating content for Facebook or Instagram or all these different platforms, because at the end of the day, social media it’s rented ground.

Social media is rented ground. We don’t own it. So when we think about repurposing content, we want to first number one, start with pillar content. Number two, once we put together our pillar content plan, and now we’re going to brainstorm all the different ways that we could repurpose that content. So for example, let’s say that you are, are sitting down going okay. Every week I’m going to publish a video. And in our last video, by the way, we talked about batching content. So I’m a big believer that if you’re going to sit down and record one video, you might as well record four or five. So if you’re batching your content and let’s say you’re publishing a new video once a week or a podcast once a week or blog posts, once a week, step number two is to brainstorm how you can take that one great chunky piece of content and slice and dice it and repurpose it in a number of different ways.

And the good news is, is that you can do this, even if you are just an individual agent and it’s just you and you don’t have any assistance or any help, it’s something you can certainly do. So we’ll give you a few ideas. When it comes to video content, first off you can take video content. You can upload upload that over to YouTube. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. That’s owned by Google. Having your video content on YouTube can be extremely helpful and attracting new business and expanding your sphere. You can also take that video and upload that directly over to Facebook. Facebook loves when, when you have video that lives on Facebook, so upload it to YouTube, but then also upload it over to Facebook. You might use a service like to transcribe that video. is a great resource.

We use it for a lot of our videos. So now you can transcribe that video. And if you’ve got a blog on your site, you could turn that video into a blog post. You could also put that video over on LinkedIn. You could upload the video over to LinkedIn. You could also share the YouTube link over to LinkedIn. If you’re active on Instagram, you could do an Instagram story about that video and then tell people to go watch it on your YouTube channel. You could take the video and put it on high IGTV, which is Instagram’s version of longer form video. Now that you have to be everywhere, but as you start to kind of sit down and brainstorm where that video could go, it’s really amazing. All the different places that you could, that you could really lay out. If you have an email database, which I highly recommend, you can share that link to your email database.

If you’re doing a weekly or monthly email newsletter, and you’re creating content, you might as well include those links in there as well. I would also encourage you to think about when you’re going to reshare it. So if you’re sharing a video to LinkedIn today, if that video is evergreen, if it’s timeless, you might also put in your calendar to not just share it today, but share it again in three months, share it again in six months, maybe even share it again in a year. And that’s the beauty of creating content. That’s sort of evergreen or timeless. Now. Now not all of your content can be evergreen, but if you can start to think about content that is somewhat timeless, things like who pays for what, or how do I find the lender or what questions should I ask my realtor? Or should I really have an open house?

All these questions you get asked all the time, that’s great pillar content. And then we can move into starting to brainstorm what that looks like. Now, one thing I’ll mention, some of you were watching this, went through our three-day bootcamp and we have a three-day bootcamp, which is which we did live. And now it’s available on demand. I’ll make sure to drop that link in the chat below because this whole idea of pillar content and repurposing content, we actually did a whole deep dive in that inside of our bootcamp or kind of Tokyo behind the scenes. And we helped you develop a whole plan. If that’s something you’re curious about, I’ll drop that link below so you can check that out. But the good news is you can do this right start with your pillar content and then start to brainstorm all the different places that that content could go.

Okay. Tip number three for repurposing is, decide on your timing. So number one was pillar content. Number two was repurposing and thinking about the different places. And number three is your timing. So it’s not enough just to think about, okay, you know, I could take this one video and do these five things with it. That’s great. The next level is your timing. So you want to keep it really simple for us. What we do is we upload our videos on Wednesday and that’s usually where our YouTube video goes, our Facebook video, our Instagram video, but then there’s some other things that we do. So a couple days later on Instagram, I’ll put it on high IGTV a week or so after that, I might take that same video and create a, a graphic or a carousel post over on Instagram. Right. We kind of think about what’s the lifespan of that content.

What are you going to share today? What does that look like next week? What does that look like next month? And there’s two tools that we use to really control that timing. The end to keep us on schedule. The first is Asana. I absolutely love Asana. We have a virtual team and we use Asana with our team. It’s a free tool and it’s really great because you can put in there exactly what it is that you’re creating. And then you set yourself some timelines. So for example, we have a video that comes out each and every week, and it’s not just create the video, post the video, right? So in Asana, we’re able to list out the fact that we are recording a video and this is what the topic, and this is who’s going to edit it. And this is where it’s going to go in this day.

And this is where it’s going to go in this day. And it allows us to really kind of project manage it. So it’s really simple and we can do it very quickly and easily. So a sauna has great. You can use that if you have a team or if you’re doing it by yourself, it’s a great tool. And then also Google sheets, Google sheets are free. Simple. Some of you might be Excel users and you like an Excel spreadsheet. That’s fine. I like Google sheets. Cause I could easily share that if I’m sharing that with someone on our team, you know, and when we’re thinking of content, I like to think about all the questions that we get asked all the time and we will put those into a big Google sheet. So when we’re sitting down to record and we’re sitting down to do our batch content, it’s really easy to be able to get ourselves really organized.

So repurposing is the name of the game. If you would like me to talk more about this, let me know in the comments below, I find that I get asked about repurposing content all day long, and I’m happy to share more. If that’s something that’s helpful, um, helpful for you. If you are watching this over on YouTube, I would love if you’d hit the bell button and the subscribe button. So you get notified when we have new videos that come out each and every week. And lastly, I’ll just say, if you’re listening to this and wondering how to get your social media strategy to the next level, we talk all about repurposing content and pillar content and content strategy over in our get social smart Academy. So go to Check that out. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to work with us and what our coaching and our courses and our training are all about. Check it out. We would love to have you part of our Academy family until next time. We’ll see you soon. Bye for now.


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