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How to Generate Real Estate Leads Using YouTube

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Hey there, you’re listening to the Katie Lance podcast. It’s episode one 111 of the Katie Lance podcast. And in this show, we talk all about YouTube. I had an amazing conversation a few weeks ago, you guys with Tasia Custode, Tasia has become a dear friend of mine and she is killing it with video. She runs her own video production company, Brio Media, and she is the sole content creator and producer for her own YouTube channel, which is amazing. And we’re going to drop the link to her YouTube channel in the show notes below. So you can make sure you subscribe to her channel, but we had a great conversation all about YouTube specifically for real estate and lead generation. So if you’re in the real estate industry at all, or if you’re just looking to generate more leads over on YouTube, I know you’re going to get a ton out of this conversation.

We talked about some of the best type of content for YouTube. We talked about metrics and looking at your analytics. We talked about some of our favorite apps and tools for video editing and growing your YouTube channel. So check it out. It’s it’s I know you’re gonna enjoy this, this conversation. This conversation was actually originally recorded over on Facebook Live. And so if you would like to check out that original conversation and see all the comments and the live banter that happened back and forth, we will put the link to the Facebook Live below in our show notes as well. So you can check out that original conversation, but super excited to have Tasia on the show. It’s going to be awesome. Grab a pen, grab a piece of paper. If you’re at a place where you can take notes, I know you’re going to get a ton out of this interview. All right on with the show,

Welcome to our Facebook live. Welcome. Welcome, welcome. I’m Katie Lance, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting and the Get Social Smart Academy. And I am so excited. You guys, we have a really special conversation planned today. We are going to be talking all about YouTube, but for real estate agents, and we’re going to be talking about lead generation. So welcome. Welcome, welcome. I’m so excited by the way, we are going to have a great conversation with my good friend. Tasia Custode. Uh, I have a, a formal introduction. I’m going to give Tasia here in just a few minutes, but uh, welcome Tasia. I’m so excited that you’re here with us today. Hi Katie. Hi everybody. Thanks so much for having me. I’m excited. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I didn’t even sleep last night. I am super excited. We’ve had a lot of people buzzing about this, uh, about this conversation. So it’s going to be super, super fun. Um, so for those of you who do not know Tasia, uh, Tasia is a TV host and video producer. She has over a decade of broadcast and digital media experience. And whether it’s online on the radio or TV, uh, Tasia has honed her skills in front of and behind the camera.

And she now runs her own video production company, Brio Media, and is the sole content creator and producer for her YouTube channel. You guys, she has an awesome YouTube channel. I’m going to drop that link here in just a little bit. So you guys can make sure you subscribe to her channel. Tasia and I first met many, many moons ago in the, in the world of social media, and it’s been so fun to reconnect with her. She’s been a guest, uh, in some of our Get Social Smart Academy private group conversations that we’ve had. We’ve done a lot of trainings with Tasia. So we’re excited to offer to the masses and bring it to our community here today. So again, welcome. And we’re so happy that you’re here with us. Thank you so much. And thanks everybody. I’m very excited to connect with you all. And hopefully you guys find all of these tips helpful.

I’m in the trenches, Katie. So I’m here to help with any, any advice I can give. Absolutely. Absolutely. I want to try to just like jump right into the fire cause we’re talking about lead generation. So if you could give some advice to an agent, what are maybe one or two things that you think agents need to know first? Um, if they want to generate leads from you, YouTube. Okay, well, first this is going to be a big one. You guys, you gotta get on it and you gotta be posting. So this is a no judgment zone, by the way, for those of you that don’t have a channel yet, like Katie said, you are in the right place. Um, this is going to be a good, good place to start. So you can kind of understand what goes into it, the logistics behind it, why you should be using YouTube, why you can be using YouTube.

Um, but that would be number one is to, to jump in and in connection with that, I would say set yourself a realistic goal. So if you guys know you all have been following Katie for awhile and you know, not to put words in your mouth, Katie, but I’m sure you would tell people you’re going to be on a network, actually be on that network, whatever it is, whatever the social network is. So I want you guys to be realistic with yourselves. You’re all super busy. You’re all working really hard. What’s going to be realistic for you in terms of a posting schedule. What type of content do you want to post, which we can get into some of these ideas later, but be realistic and stick to it, make it like it’s part of your job, because it will be because you’re going to be able to generate leads from it.

Um, so those are kind of the top two things, which are kind of hand in hand I would say, is get on there and then be consistent and give yourself a realistic schedule, um, with how you’re going to post guys. Even if it’s once a month right now, you know, something very realistic and attainable for you do that. And then you can start measuring and you can start testing and say, what’s working. What’s not working. Should I try this? Should I try that? But you have to start. Yeah, absolutely. And as I’ve often said done is better than perfect. So, you know, sometimes we wait, we wait until, Oh, I got it. I gotta, I gotta wait till my hair’s right. My makeup’s right. And you know, and that, and sometimes

You just, you just gotta jump in, uh, you know, and, and I, and I know you can relate to them. I remember my first few videos on YouTube and they’re embarrassingly still up there. Uh, but you know, it’s, it’s just, it’s a trajectory, right? That we all go on,

We all start somewhere. And I’m so glad you said that Katie, because especially on a platform like YouTube done is better than perfect. And perfection is your enemy. When it comes to YouTube, you’re all familiar with YouTube videos and watching that style. You don’t necessarily have to follow that style. We’ll talk about being yourself on YouTube. That’s going to be part of the key to your success. Um, but it’s, it really is just get the content out, get the message out. Don’t don’t get in your own head. Okay. Don’t get in. Oh, what about this? What about that? No, if you’ve got value to bring and you’ve got a message, you want people to see, get it out. And like Katie said, if y’all go back to like the beginning of any of our YouTube channels, Ooh, it’s valuable information and you have to get it out to people.

Absolutely. So that’s a great segue to talk about type of content. I know a lot of agents and brokers, um, when I go to their YouTube channels, a lot of times I just see listing videos and, and obviously that plays a very important part in, uh, marketing listings. I also believe that there’s other types of content that I think are really, really important. What are your thoughts? What are some of the best types of video content that you see for, for agents and specifically again, for, for lead generation?

Absolutely. So, you know, to Katie’s point, we’re not going to say don’t do listing videos, you know, or showcasing a home. That’s all great, but that should be part of a broader strategy. Okay. You guys have a plethora of content to choose from. So off the top of my head, if you specialize in anything, think of what you might, maybe you specialize in, you know, um, short term rentals or long-term rentals. Maybe you specialize in commercial properties. Maybe you specialize in, you know, uh, multi-family housing. Maybe you specialize in short sales or foreclosures or, um, international buyers and sellers, whatever your thing is, start thinking there about your niche and think what type of conduct can you do? There’s, there’s how to content there’s tips. So, um, you know, what is your audience want, want to know, um, guys tips for navigating the market right now, tips for, if you are a buyer in this market, good luck, but you know, and that’ll be your video.

Good luck to you. I know you all know your market, right? So use that to your advantage. You’re the expert here. You have evergreen constantly. And so the reason Katie, and I will say things like don’t just rely on only, you know, listing videos, which are great, but that’s not necessarily evergreen, especially at the rate of the turnover now and of sales. Um, so you want to start thinking of stuff what’s going on in the market right now you could, here’s a monthly piece of content for you, a market report, frankly. It could be a weekly piece of content because things are just constantly snowballing here. Right? But so that’s always a great place to start is, especially if you’re just getting started on YouTube. What’s something that with relatively little time, relatively little thought out on my content, calendar and planning is something I know I could do monthly. What can I deliver my audience? Monthly market reports. That’s what, that’s one thing you could easily do. You, you all know the market, you’re experts in it. You live it every day, right? So what’s something you could say then say to yourself, maybe I want to provide tips to, for buyers, to, for sellers, to, for prepping your home for a sale tip for putting your best foot forward. If you’re making an offer in a competitive environment like we are in right now, it’s, it’s endless.

Yeah. And I just want to clarify for anyone who isn’t familiar with the term, evergreen, can you just kind of define that for people who may not know what that word means?

Absolutely. Evergreen is going to be your type of content that has a really long shelf life we don’t necessarily need for forever because we know just like real estate market and technology changes and things change the medium changes, but evergreen is going to be something that’s going to have a really long shelf life for you. So something that two months from now, two years from now, maybe a year from now, it’s still going to be relevant in some sort of capacity. That’s, that’s going to really help you when you’re starting to get your footing on YouTube. And you’re starting to try to generate those leads because if I’m a potential client of yours and I’m Googling, because we all know that’s what we all do with each other is Google, who is this person? And, and you’ve got videos. You have a catalog now of content. So AI feels like I know you because I’ve seen you. I see what you look like. I see how you talk. I, I think you’re an expert now because you are, because you’re telling me all of these great points that I wouldn’t have known this without her videos on this topic. So now you’ve built a connection without actually meeting me,

Which makes such a great point, because I think sometimes I talk to agents and when they think of leads, a lot of times agents think that a lead is somebody who filled out a form, right? They filled out a form on their website. Um, they did, uh, they, they, they answered an ad like a lead ad, but, and those are certainly leads to, but I think what you’re referring to correct me if I’m wrong is that the type of leads that we’re talking about with YouTube, or you have this catalog of content. And I love that you, that you said that, and people can see that you’re a trusted or trusted resource and they reach out to you and contact you, whether it’s through YouTube or your website or, or, and they, and they say something like, gosh, you know, I’ve seen all your videos or, you know, whatever it might be like, that’s, that’s a lead as well. Right. And in fact, that’s probably one of the best kind of leads, right?

Absolutely. Because they’ve Seeked you out. You know what I mean? Like you’ve already done the work on the backend by positioning yourself as that expert in XYZ. And so they’ve already got a level of comfort with you, which you all know, especially in the real estate business is very important because people want to work with someone they trust. Yeah.

Absolutely. Monica asks, how do you get people to look at your video once you put it on YouTube?

Yeah. This, Oh yeah. This is a really good question, Monica. There’s how long do you have, so you need to promote it. It’s not enough for us to put a video out and say, Oh, I did the work it’s there. And then sit back and go, Hmm. I wonder what’s going to happen with that. No, you need to promote it. So I know Katie, you are big, here’s an example on email lists. You all probably have some great email lists going. And if you don’t, I will leave that to Katie, to talk to you about the importance of an email list, but that’s one great way to promote your video. So let’s go really quick on the back end of things. And I won’t get in too much into the weeds for you guys, but there are some best practices when you are posting to YouTube.

I always recommend before you post anything, do your research and your research can be as simple as a YouTube search. It can be as simple as a Google search. Katie and I have talked about before about, It’s a free tool. You head on over to, and you can actually do comparison testing on keywords on key phrases. Google will then tell you similar phrases that are coming up in search, how popular they are over time, huge free tool. This is like red alert, everybody write this down. And so that’s a great way for Monica. You even post is to say, are people talking about this? Are people interested in this? What’s going on? Like, here’s a perfect example. You know, I was just listening to NPR. And, uh, one of the hasn’t been as popular since 2004, is this search term, when will the housing market crash as an example, right?

So, you know, that’s trending right now. So Google trends is going to tell you that that’s important to do your research before so that you can title your video that has some of these keywords. That’s going to be a really important thing. How long the title you want to make sure you’re saying those keywords in your video. So right now, if I’m talking about a video on, is the housing market going to crash, or when is the housing market? I’m going to repeat that phrase in my video. Okay. Because there’s closed captioning on YouTube that all helps the algorithm. You want to have that same phrasing in your video description and in your tags on the back end of the video. So I think that’s four places you want to have it, right? So title you’re actually saying it in the video, your description and your tags.

Okay. So all that is going to go into your planning and also when you’re actually posting it. And then we get into the promotion of the video, utilize your email list. That’s going to be a huge one for you guys, you know, make sure you’re using great titles in your emails to catch people’s attention, get people to watch. If you already have your other social networks going, you want to push that video on all your social channels. You can either do it with an image and then link to the video. You could cut a smaller snippet of the video as a teaser and push that to different networks. You want to see what you’re going to have to test and see what works for you on Facebook, as opposed to Instagram, as opposed to Twitter, Pinterest, all of these, you know, LinkedIn, wherever you’re on.

Um, but you want to link back to promote your video, reach out to those in your network and say, Hey, did you see this? Oh, you know, I just saw you talking about such and such day. Did you know I have a video on that? Here’s a link and that’s one of the most vulnerable, one of the cool things that I try to do also, um, to answer as also answer Monica’s question is when I’m having email conversations back and forth with people, oftentimes because I have a library of content, I can answer the question and be helpful, but I can also say, Hey, in addition, you might want to check out this video and this video, right. That, that I did. So a lot of times it’s that one-to-one, um, you know, promoting to the masses, you know, at some point, like you said, with email lists and social media, but it’s a lot of times it’s that one-to-one also absolutely.

And, and that’s going to be the other importance. You’ll all notice. There’s a lot of, there’s going to be a lot of tie ins here. That is another reason why you want to have some evergreen content, some longevity in your, in your content list, because stuff can be slow growth. And that’s fine. If you put a video out and you know, you, you might be disappointed. I only have 10 views. I want to tell you guys right now and we’ll, and we’ll get into some tips at the end and, and mindset things for getting into, into YouTube and stuff. But listen, if it’s only hit 10 people that beginning, that’s 10 people that really wanted to know what you were talking about. Yeah. Because they were searching for it. So those 10 people have found that content valuable and that’s huge for you. And that, and to Katie’s point, it doesn’t mean that in two months from now someone else won’t say, Oh, I’m wondering about something and you can call them back to that, even though you posted it two months ago, still relevant.

And it’s still timely in terms of helping somebody out with that question. So that’s going to be really, really important for you guys for sure. Um, let’s go in there. I can see a few questions coming through as well. Um, I’m going to pull up Joe’s question. He says, what if we had a YouTube channel before, and then I changed the name. Can we combine the two? Is that possible? That’s a good question. Okay. Technically, no, you cannot combine the two, unfortunately. So what I would recommend is, so does it seem like Joe you’ve you created any channel or you just changed the name of the existing channel. So if you just change the name of the existing channel, nothing else has changed with your audience or anything except the name, which I would promote that and make sure people know that you’ve had that change.

If it’s a different channel and say you had a little bit of success on the first one, you’ll want to try to get people over from that first channel on to your new one, which can be as simple as, um, in the, in the channel description or the about page of the channel. You could literally write that in to say, you know, subscribe over on our other channel. You could post a video that initial, the first channel and say, you know, Oh, we post more content here. Or this is our updated channel, you know, move on over this way just to make sure you’re telling people where to find you for what type of content. Yeah. That’s great advice. I just thought of a question come through from Barbara. I don’t know if I could, I think it might have just disappeared on me. I asked, um, so Barbara asks, I don’t know where it went, but I’m going to, I’m going to base the trust summarize.

She asked me about, about content, like mixing in different types of content, um, you know, just business related. Um, and so I would love to kind of touch on that like different types of content. And then also I’m going to pull up a quick question that I wanted to also ask you, um, is how often should people upload, so mixing in different types of content, like not just business-related and is there a magic formula to win uploading time of day and stuff like that? Okay. Let’s try to get into the way this out, getting stuck into the terms of mixing content. You said Barbara asked that question, right? So Barbara truly you’ll find a lot of different advice on, on this, to be honest. Like if you, if different YouTubers will tell you different strategies on this and what they call niching down in order to grow your channel.

So pick a specific niche, really grow there, and then you can start expanding. Yeah. You know, that can be hit or miss. And at the end of the day, what I want my message to be for you all is be yourself. So as long as on your channel, you know, you’re still maintaining a professional air about you. You’re still, um, you know, approaching people in a way that is of helpful content. So it’s not confusing to the viewer. You know, if I’m a potential client and I see Barbara, you have a great catalog of these really helpful real estate tips. Um, but then really random like videos that have nothing to do with anything and they’re shot vertically. And it’s just like, it’s just like a crazy spontaneous mess, a little confused. But if you do it in a way where, Oh, it’s just me getting to know Barbara Moore.

Um, and it’s done in a way that ties in. I think you can have a healthy mix. I don’t want any of you to get too bogged down in. I have to do this way. I have to follow this best practice I have to. I can only post content people only. I only want people to know me for X and I can only post X. Sure. 80% of your content might be about X, but that’s okay to put in. And YouTube, YouTube loves personality. YouTube loves having the, you have the YouTube you come through like, you know, so whatever make sex point apart, especially for all of you that, you know, real estate can be a super competitive industry. So especially for any of you that want to stand out and you know, you have a niche, but you also have this perspective and that perspective might be your different personality.

It might be your different approach to that same thing that your competitors doing. Long story short, Barbara, I think you can do a mix. I would just say, keep it majority of, you know, the helpful, the value, what you want people to find you in searching for, and then sprinkle a little bit of Barbara. Why not exactly. I love that. I love that. And then as far as how often to upload videos and time of day, this is going to be different for everyone. And I know nobody likes that answer. Y’all want just an answer. You want me to say Tuesdays at 11? I can’t tell you that that would be a lie. So truly it depends on your time zone. Uh, that’s just one of like a million factors I can think of. It depends who, you know, for you guys, you know, I will say the blanket term of who your audience is, you should know who the market is.

You, you want to target, you guys know what, you know, your, your clients you want to reach. So keep that in mind. Um, Google has a great YouTube has a great analytics section. So once you start posting, YouTube will actually tell you on the back end of the analytics, you know, what times were your audiences online? Use those free analytics and say, Oh, I’ll try posting on Tuesdays at 10, but maybe I should also try Friday at whatever time, because YouTube is telling me my audience is actually coming from this area. Their time zone is different. So they’re w they’re online at this point. I want to capture them. That’s all on the back. End of YouTube for free. So as far as time, you know, I can’t tell you exactly. You don’t have to look at your analytics. Analytics are great. That’s a great resource for sure.

Great. And if you Google it, you know, there are some, you know, Tuesdays and Thursdays, they say kind of blanket statements are great days to post YouTube videos. Again, it’s going to protect you. It’s going to depend on you, your market, your niche now, in terms of how often to post consistency is King. And we talk about tips later on, you know, I’ll, I will repeat it again in case y’all missed it consistency. And that’s why I said at the beginning, if you’re just getting started, have something attainable, have it a realistic goal for you. If you know, once a week, twice a week, isn’t going to work for you because you’re busy. You already have a full-time job. If you have a lot going on this market is insane. So you’re busy, consistent. If you can just commit to once a month, right now, it’s something consistent.

Maybe it’s supplemental content to a newsletter. You already have an email newsletter. You already have going out, whatever, whatever it may be for you make that your consistency, as you see a slow growth, perhaps then you can become even more consistent because it is true. The more consistent you are on YouTube, the more you post, the more steady your growth can be is huge. But I don’t want you all to be too discouraged about that right now, when you’re just starting out or when you’re really growing it, just whatever consistent is for you. That way your audience knows. I know that this time they’re coming out with this content once a month, you know, or, Oh, I look forward to your email newsletter tips and, Oh, this is such a great addition. Now I get to see you. And you’re sharing these tips with me, you know, whatever consistent looks like for you.

Um, I saw a really good question come through from a good friend of ours, Christie Conneely. Who’s also been, uh, one of our guests here on Facebook live. She’s been on our podcast before. Um, I love this question for CSR hashtags, effective and YouTube description. And that’s, that’s a great question. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about that. What, what do you have a thought about that? Um, the short answer. No, not in the description. You want to be putting your hashtags in the tag section. Okay. In the keyword section, after your description. So it’s below YouTube changed their, uh, their layout. So you have to kind of click more options now, after you write your description to organize, to access that. Um, yeah. So interesting though, Chrissy, you can, you can add, mention some channels now in your description. So the reason I say to use keywords in your description by that, I mean, if you went to and you researched kind of what you were talking about, you have it in your title.

You want those keywords, you want the key phrases in the description over actual hashtags, but another thing you can do in your description, and this is a hot tip that YouTube just released. I believe at the beginning of this year, you can add, mention similar or like subscriber count. I’m not saying this right channels. So if there’s somebody, you know, if you’re talking about best tools or best apps or something for XYZ, for, you know, finding, you know, hot, the hottest real estate in your market, you can see if those channels that you’re talking about, say the apps or the people you mentioned. If they have a similar subscriber count to you on YouTube, you can not mention them in your description. And they’ll get notified that you’ve mentioned them in a description and that could help you in sharing the content as well. The only reason I interesting, I did not know that I learned something.

So kind of like, kind of like with Facebook, if you, if I do a video and I’m like highlighting you, I’m going to tell you, cause I want you to know about it. And I know that also helps, you know, in terms of comments and engagement and all that good stuff. So that’s really interesting that YouTube, um, I’ll let you do that. Also. That’s a great nugget. Yeah. Bingo. And the reason I say it only works for channels of similar size or subscriber growth as yours is because it’s not that the tag doesn’t work. It’s not that it doesn’t add luncheon. It’s just YouTube. Isn’t sending notifications. Like if I start mentioning and spamming, you know, channels that have millions of subs, they’re not sending notifications to those creators. So use them wisely. You can’t spam it anyway. Um, you know, don’t spam anyway, but that is a good little tip that not a lot of people know.

That’s awesome. Um, okay. I want to ask, I see a great question from Yolanda asks about equipments. This is always the million dollar question, right? So what equipment recommendations do you have? Okay, first I want to say, um, you don’t need to have the best equipment right now. If you’re just starting, don’t, don’t get caught up in that, put that content out. Katie and I said done is better than perfect. Absolutely mean it you’ll have some really great smartphones. I know it because most, some of you are probably watching this on them right now. So use them. If that’s all you have right now, use your smartphone right now. Great cameras. You get, you can get great little add on mikes for, for mobile devices. Great little mini I’ll show you a little, I even have one here, a little mini tripods, um, you know, for mobile devices, if that’s all you have right now use what you have with that said, I do have, I actually have a whole video on how I shoot and edit my YouTube videos.

Um, and I have an entire list of everything is linked and listed out below of exactly all the equipment and lights I use. What I will say is if you, if you want to use something more than your smartphone, um, there’s some really great little DSLR cameras out there that relatively inexpensive for what they are. Some come with even little kits. So you don’t have to worry about lenses. You don’t have to worry about getting a lot of stuff with it, some come with their own SD cards. So like it’s all kind of taken care of for you. Um, I would say start there a really great camera Yolanda that I love is actually the Sony Z V one. And it is, I mentioned it in, um, Katie just dropped that link to, um, my YouTube channel where there’s a video there, which has all of, um, how I shoot and edit my YouTube content.

So there is a video that in their most recent video, I think you posted, or one of the most recent ones, right? I think it’s like three or four ago now, but yeah, it’s um, it’s yeah, it goes really in-depth on everything. There’s a complete equipment list below for you. Everything’s like already organized per category. Um, but I would say start with a camera similar to the Sony TV one or something like that. The reason I like the Sony TV one is because it makes it easy for everybody it’s I got it with the blogger kit, which there is a link to that in my video. Um, and the reason I did that is because it comes with a little handheld. So if you are doing those home tours, if you are doing something on the go, that’s a great little handheld to have it.

Auto focuses for you and auto white balance is for you. You know? So it’s kind of foolproof. If you’re not super technical, like truly it’s now the main camera I use on my YouTube channel, even though I have other cameras, it just because it saves me so much time, so much time in the setup. So I would say something like that and get yourself a good light. You don’t have to go crazy with crazy box lighting right now you could do little ring lights, um, get yourself a good light and get yourself some type of external audio source. So whether you’re using your smartphone or a DSLR or something, um, think of having some type of external audio, because that will be important for people to not be distracted by really terrible audio. But again, so those are the main things, you know, I would say like camera, audio, light, you’re off to the races.

Um, but I don’t want you to get too stuck on that right now. If you’re like, Oh, I don’t have this thing, or that’s not in the budget right now, use what you have use it. You have find a quiet room in your house and set your camera up, you know, and go for it. Yeah. I love that. That’s great advice. We are, uh, we have just, uh, probably, I don’t know, five or six minutes left here with Tasia. So now is your opportunity. If you’re watching live comment below, let us know what questions you have. If you end up watching this later on the replay, or if you’re listening to us later on the podcast, feel free to reach out to us as well. And let us know if you have any other questions. Um, I did drop Tasha’s, um, YouTube link in the chat, definitely connect with her, subscribe to her channel.

She’s got great tips. I love, and she’s a new video out. I always learn something from you every time you have a new video out, and I know you have a toolkit also. Um, can you tell us a little bit about that? I’m going to drop this digital toolkit link in the chat because I saw this was also a really great resource for people as well. Yes. So I have a digital, I made the digital toolkit because a lot of people were asking me, what do you use? How do you shoot that at your videos? You know, what do you use? And there’s a lot that goes into it besides just how to shoot them. So I wanted to make sure I have one cohesive list, super in depth for everybody, if you really want to know from top to tail. So we talked a little bit.

Yeah. We talked a little bit about, you know, pre-production and what goes into that. So I talk about the tools I use for that. I talk about the tools I use for screencasting recording my content for editing my content. Then on post-production when I’m posting to YouTube, then I’m promoting, what other tools do I use? I create thumbnails. What do I use to create the thumbnails? So that digital toolkit literally has everything I need. Um, and I promise it’s not all all sponsored. So, um, you know, it’s actually stuff like none of it’s sponsored. Some of it is affiliate. It’s all stuff I’m actually not blowing smoke. Um, and then, um, just giggling at Mark’s comment, we know what you mean, Mark is part of our Academy. Um, and yes, he subscribed you to a YouTube channel that I do not have an iTunes. Right, right.

And Barbara, I think it was you that was asking it’s the Sony Z V one. Okay. Zed, Zed for my Canadians and anybody else that brought Zed B one. Yeah. It’s just a good little blogger camera. I’ve got a link to it in that, in that one video to the poles blogger kit, which I would recommend Amazon usually has it on sale, to be honest. Um, and then that way you just get everything you need in one go, you don’t have to buy like an SD card. You don’t have to buy, you know, the handheld. And it’s just really something that’s like, it’s streamlined. It’s foolproof. That’s awesome. Um, anything else that I didn’t ask you that I should have asked you? Anything else you want to, you want to chime in here? I know we could probably talk another two hours about all this.

I know. I was like, how are we done already? Um, I, okay. I do want to just leave you guys with like, just a few tips. If you’re just getting started things to keep in mind, let’s do it. You know, because these are things that like I dealt with, I still deal with daily. So this could help you get you into a mental mindset of YouTube when you’re kind of starting out. The first thing I want to make clear to everybody. And the most important thing is there is enough room on the dance floor for everybody. I don’t want you to get discouraged. We all going to be dancing together. Okay. Virtually right now. But you know, um, there is enough room, okay. I don’t want you to get discouraged. Well, why should I, this person’s already doing it. And there’s thousands of real estate agents doing this.

And there’s all these ones crushing the game with great. How can you do it and add your personality to it and do it better, do it. There’s by the way, there’s another way to find great content ideas. Look at what similar people in your industry are doing. Figure out how you could do something like that and do it and do it better. Cause I know you can. So there’s enough room for everybody. Don’t get discouraged by that. Okay. The second thing we touched on, which is consistency. So whatever that looks like for you all, if it’s once a month, if it’s because I will tell you guys, I I’ve had a YouTube channel forever. I was not consistent until the start of the pandemic. Last year, I was not, I had no growth because I wasn’t doing the work, having the thing and not doing the work will not get you.

The results will not get you the leads. So whatever consistent looks like to you, the other thing is, you know, we were asked, you know, about promotion and how to promote and stuff like that. I want to make something clear. Don’t place your value on your numbers. When it comes to YouTube, it can be really easy to get discouraged and to get into your own head and say, I put all this work into this and 10 people watched great. What is this? Even for, I don’t want you to get discouraged like that because it’s like I said before, I truly mean it. Even if it’s only 10 people, that’s 10 people that needed that tip that’s searched for that and then found your content and it helped somebody and it helped. And that will grow. And it will take time, which leads me into the next point, which is patients.

I don’t, I don’t, it kind of goes into this comparison trap on YouTube that a lot of people fall into. And I don’t want you all like, like looking up the most popular, you know, real estate agents that are on these like reality shows that already had millions of followers. Like that’s not how this works in real life. So be patient understand the value you’re bringing and the type of content you’re bringing. You’re not out there doing viral content necessarily like prank, Oh, I make it pranks. And I’m doing this and I’m giving away this stuff. And I’m, you know, that’s not, if you’re comparing yourself to those type of channels, it’s, it’s a death trap for you. Don’t do it. So just know your own value and know that it’s patience. It’s a slow growth for anyone that’s doing content of value. Um, that’s just what it is because you’re not chasing the next viral moment.

And that’s, that’s kinda what I would leave you guys with is, is know your goal, know your value that you bring. So, you know, a huge I’ll use myself as an example. I didn’t go into YouTube saying, well, I want to pop off and I want to have millions of this. Not sure that that’ll be great when I get there in 17 years, you know, that’d be great. The goal for me was one. I had moved to another country and I wanted to stay relevant in my industry. And then two, the goal was to always end, only provide people with value. So how can I be of service? How can I help? How can I provide value? It doesn’t mean you can’t promote yourself. It doesn’t mean that’s at the end of the day. That’s what you all are doing, right? We’re trying to get you leads. We’re trying to promote your services and yourself as the service. Sometimes when it comes to real estate, it just means, know your goal, know your value and stick to that. The rest, the rest will come. And like Katie said, if you all need any other help or you’re watching this back later, if you have other questions, I always try to pop in afterwards and help an answer where I can. So

That’s awesome. So let us know what you guys think as you guys. I know we’ve got a big audience for this here today, so let’s give Katie some love in the comments. Uh, let, let us know what you think was this helpful? Give us some thumbs up, like the little heart button, uh, leave us a comment. All of the above. Uh, I know I definitely learned a few things and I think it goes to what you’re saying. I mean, you, you never stop learning and I, you know, I love what you said that there’s, there’s no, there there’s a place for everybody, right? It’s not too late. I think a lot of people think, Oh, it’s too late. YouTube’s been around forever. Well, no, and there’s, there’s so many big opportunities. It’s the second largest search engine in the world it’s owned by Google. So, you know, what, why not?

You and you, those of you watching maybe like Tasia and I, I know I had a channel for years. I just like put my videos up. I didn’t do anything with, and I know some of you watching might be the same way and it just, it takes just, just starting. And, uh, I can see lots of it. Lots of love in the chat, which is awesome. Um, I want to S just as we get towards the end, I just want to share one quick encouraging story. Um, for you guys watching live and Tasia, you’ll like the story we had. Um, one of our get social smart Academy members, Jen Sylvester, she’s an agent out in, uh, Plymouth in Massachusetts. And she just shared in our Academy a couple of days ago, her experience, she just started doing YouTube videos. This January. She started getting herself into a calendar and she’s made a commitment once a week.

She’s going to put out a new video. Uh, and you know, she’s very honest. She’s like, it’s a grind, you know, doing that consistently. And she just got her first lead from YouTube, um, which is so awesome. And it’s, you know, it’s April, right? So four months, but that consistency. And, uh, so I just got to give her a shadow. I don’t know if she’s watching here today, but you know, it doesn’t have to take 27 years or whatever, you know, whatever people think. So, uh, it goes to your point, what, you’re, what you’re saying to you to just, just get started. That consistency makes a big difference. Absolutely. Absolutely. And you guys, I, I, Katie and I have nothing but faith in you, all that you are experts. You do know what you’re talking about. Share, share your value and share your expertise with everybody else.

Yeah, absolutely. So thank you guys so much. I know we didn’t get to every single one of your questions. I will be hopping in, hopping in the chat later. I’ll try to answer as many questions as we can. Um, Tasia, if you have time and you’re able to hop back in, that would be awesome. We always love your expertise and appreciate it. Um, and I would definitely recommend I’m going to drop Tasia’s links one last time in the chat. If you’re listening to this later on the podcast, um, we will be putting these in the show notes. You can check those out, but if you’re watching live right now, I’m going to drop those below. Make sure you check out for digital tool kit, check out her channel. Um, if you’re not subscribing to our channel shameless plug, I’m going to drop it here.

So you can check out our channel. We have new videos that come out each and every week as well. So it’s just been awesome. You are always so generous. You always bring so many great tips. I so appreciate you being with us here today. Thank you so much, Katie. You know, anytime girl. Absolutely. Absolutely. We have so much fun. So thank you guys so much for tuning in. If you’re watching on Facebook live and you like these Facebook live conversations, make sure you turn your notifications on. So you are notified when we go live. And again, if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. All right. My friends, uh, just stay on for a minute so I can properly say goodbye. So don’t hang up when we, uh, when we go off the air. Okay, you got it. All right, everybody have a great rest of your day. We’ll see you next time. Bye for now.


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