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Top 6 Qualities You Should Look for When Hiring a Social Media Pro

Gone are the days when social media was optional. Today’s marketing to-do list places this endeavor straight at the top. But what if you don’t have the time to take on this task? You might consider outsourcing by hiring a social media pro to do the work for you.

So what does that entail? You’ll want to hire someone whose traits equip them to be the best social media manager possible. Let’s talk about what those traits are.

1. Up for Adventure. First off, you want to find someone who is intellectually adventuresome and has a healthy sense of curiosity. This sense of play will translate to learning about you, your employees and your company, and this depth of knowledge makes for a far more robust social media campaign.

2. Listening is key. The best social media pros are great not only at taking in information, but at pulling out the right material to use in various campaigns. Additionally, you’ll want to look for someone who is a visual thinker. This is a relatively new development – multimedia and visuals are outstripping just about any other factor of a social media campaign these days. It’s vital that your brand be well represented visually.

3. Understands Urgency. A good social media pro works under a sense of urgency. Real-time responses are essential these days since – let’s face it – social media never sleeps. Do you want a comment on your Facebook or Twitter page to languish unanswered? Of course not. Instead, you want someone who’s going to be on the ball and be able to field that thought in a timely way. It’s important to have a social media pro that will have processes for responding to social media and engagement. Social media is not a 9 to 5, it’s crucial to be responsive. Using tools like the Facebook Pages App can help with engagement opportunities.

4. Can they improvise? Along these lines lies the skill of improvisation, which allows the savvy social media professional to tackle a wide range of challenges with empathy, humor and grace. In addition, the art of conversational writing is essential when it comes to a smart media campaign. Writing conversationally is hardly as easy as it may appear, but when done well, it opens the door of dialogue between you and your audience, which is exactly the goal you’re seeking.

5. Can they handle the data? Good social media professionals need to have a handle on statistical analysis. A mind that can grasp metrics and data along with marrying social outcomes to company outcomes is a mind that is especially well suited to social media work. Ask your candidates whether they are comfortable with Excel and numbers as a whole. If they’re not, they may not be the person for you.

Some key tools for measuring social media metrics are Google Analytics, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Iconosquare for Instagram, Tailwind for Pinterest.

6. Open to feedback. Finally, the social media professional you seek is interested in your input and very open to learning about you and your business in order to convey that information to your larger audience. A good way to support this is to create an editorial calendar that ties everything you do to your essential goals. Additionally, confidentiality is a must. Your social media professional must be able and willing to keep sensitive data to him- or herself.

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