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5 Takeaways From Creating #GetSocialSmart

Sometimes in business, we get a bee in our bonnet, so to speak. This is exactly what happened to me last year.

My business, at the time, consisted of two major revenue sources:

  1. Consulting for start-ups, tech companies, real estate franchises and mortgage companies.
  2. Speaking at major events and conferences.

While I was seeing success in both of these areas, I just felt something was missing. Or should I say, an audience was missing – the real estate agent. 

Now, I knew that my business model wasn’t necessarily designed for agents when I launched in 2012. Not that I didn’t want to work with agents – I just felt like I didn’t have the bandwidth to work exclusively one-on-one with agents AND focus on corporate consulting and speaking.

However, without fail, after every session, or class or webinar – I always had agents asking for more. It was then that I took a hard look at the options agents had in social media training and, after finding a need in the industry – I decided to launch #GetSocialSmart – a 6-week online social media coaching program.

Honestly, I was hesitant to call myself a “coach” at first. When I think of a real estate coach – I think of the greats like Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Travis Robertson, Jared James and the dozens of others who are super talented and have made an incredible career at business coaching.

If I was to offer coaching I knew it would have to be different then what was already on the market and I also knew I had to be true to myself and the best skills I could bring to the table.

Fast-forward to today, over a year later, I am thrilled with the results and more importantly, so proud of the alumni – the amazing agents who have completed the program and their results!

I’ve learned many lessons along the way. Here are a few of my biggest takeaways so far…

Lead with your heart.

1. Lead with your heart. When you lead with your heart – with your very best you can not go wrong. I decided early on to lead with a passion for social media – because I knew it was not just another ‘shiny object’ but when used correctly – could be a huge part of a real estate agent’s business. I decided to make myself available to my coaching clients through email, social media, text, phone call – whatever was needed. If agents were going to invest their time and money into me, I could certainly do the same!

Not everyone is a right fit.

2. Not everyone is right for your program. As much as I’d love to have everyone in the program – I decided early on to keep this online group small. Each class has between 10 to 15 people in attendance and although this means sometimes turning people away – or having people register in later classes – it means that I can give my 100% to the people in the class.

Not everyone is ready to commit to six weeks of classes and homework – and that’s ok! As my Papa always reminded me, “You can’t be all things to all people” -and I take that to heart every day.

The magic is in the one-to-one.

3. The magic is in the one-to-one. As much as the group dynamic helps to “scale” this coaching program – the true magic is in the one-to-one. It’s the late nights where I am checking out my student’s LinkedIn profiles to see if they did their homework for the week, or the one-on-one Facebook Messenger messages I’m exchanging with someone clarifying a point I made in the last class, or the feedback I am emailing someone on their first blog post ever.

The magic in social media has always been in the one-to-one. It’s the non-scalable part of social media – but it’s the one thing that makes a huge difference and honestly – it’s the part I love the most!
Recognize people at every turn.

4. Recognize people at every turn. Early on, I decided to launch a private Facebook group just for my students. This is an opportunity to network and keep them updated – but it’s also an awesome way for me to recognize my students when they are rocking it in social media!

I love sharing a video they did for the 1st time, or how they are using Instagram to connect with their clients, or a great Facebook ad that they did that got them a new lead. People crave recognition and when you can recognize people publicly among their peers – it’s an incredible thing.

Never stop improving

5. Never stop improving and give more than people expect. I think sometimes after we launch a program or product we think – “ta-da! I’m done!” But, this is far from the truth. Since social media changes all the time, I knew I needed to have a program that always evolved and improved but still focused on the fundamentals. This is why I made the decision last year that all of my coaching clients in the #GetSocialSmart program would have lifetime access to the program.

Some people criticized this and said to me privately, “aren’t you leaving money on the table?” I felt strongly that it was important to give my students unlimited access to the program because what may be true now could be different in the social media world six months from now. I’ve already have several agents take the program again, and many have said how much they enjoyed going through the program again and again. I’ve never regretted giving more!

I’m excited for the next chapter with my program and can’t wait to get to know this new batch of students!

If you’re interested in joining my next session of #GetSocialSmart click here to enroll. Class begins July 10th, the deadline to register online is 7/9 and spots are limited. 



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