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#GetSocialSmart Spotlight: Robyn Burdett

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Hey everybody, Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting and the Get Social Smart Academy. And I am so excited for our interview here today. We have a very special Get Social Smart spotlight interview today with a dear friend and someone that I have known in the social media space for quite some time, Robyn Burdett is with us here today. And for those of you who don’t know Robyn, Robyn has been in real estate since 1988. She has been with Remax since 1995. She has listed, sold and managed over 35 agents. She was a corporate trainer for a large multi Remax office. She ran a successful team for five years. She’s been a national speaker for Tom Ferry. She’s been on the board of directors at her local association and she is currently on the Virginia association of Realtors, board of directors.

And Robyn is just constantly learning and growing. That’s one of the things I love most about her and last year, even with so much going on. In fact, she broke her back. She had two surgeries. We’re going to, we’re going to talk to her a little bit about that. And we had COVID going on. Uh, her mother passed away and she still sold 25 homes on her own and she did 23 in 2019. So I’m super excited to chat with Robyn today and to hear from her she’s a long time Get Social Smart Academy member. She’s been to our masterminds. So welcome Robyn. Thank you for being here with us today.

Katie. This is really, it’s such an honor. I’ve known you for years and I stalked you even before we personally met. So I’m very honored to be here. Thank you so much.

Absolutely. Absolutely. So for people who may not know you, um, I would love if you would just kind of give, give people a sense of, you know, what area you serve. Uh, just talk a little bit about, a little bit about you, maybe how you got to where you are today. Uh, you know, the, the, the shortened version. I know it’s a long story, right? Exactly.

I’m right outside Washington, DC and Northern Virginia Fairfax County, Loudon County, and Arlington where the new headquarters to Amazon is going to be opening up soon. So that’s my territory. And I’ve been doing this for so long. I forgot why I got into it, except for the fact that I love it. And one of the reasons why I love it is it’s constantly changing. We learn so much. I mean, when I started, it was, um, books are, you know, to go look at a listing and the lockbox was actually like a, um, ice skating, roller blade skating, liberal key that they used to have no professional lockboxes, no MOS. And so I’ve seen the progression over it and embraced it constantly throughout the years because you either, you know, you know, agents don’t die to go. Uh, they go listless and I’d never want to go listless.

So, although right now I could use about 20,000 listings. It’s just crazy out there right now, even five would be great. So I’ve been it for a long time and I really love it because we bring so much to the public and we offer such a huge, valuable service. Also being cutting edge is I think what separates a lot of us out and those of us that follow you. I mean, that’s a big part of it is that you’re not always teaching something. I mean, the mastermind I did with you two years ago, three years ago, was not like the mastermind you did last year. Always recreating everything that you do. And I’ve learned from that, that I have to stay on top of things.

Yeah. It’s, it’s really an evolution for sure. And I know you, you know, you were one of our very first Get Social Smart Academy members back when we first launched it. And so I would love if you could share, I know you learned a lot of things, but is there been one or two things that have really kind of stuck out to you that have made a big difference for your business.

For me more than anything else? I think it’s the idea that I don’t have to go because when I first started in social media, I literally spent about a year watching every podcast you could think of doing all the different, um, anybody had a webinar. I mean, I was watching the guy out in Oregon and I was watching people from all over the place trying to pick up every single tidbit I can because it was so new. I mean, I’ve been on Facebook since it kind of started. And, but nobody was doing business or all they were doing was business. They didn’t know about the rules of Facebook and how to do them. And, and so when I met you, it was like I could toss everything else away. And the thing with a social smart Academy is it is one spot that you could go and constantly have current up-to-date valid information, which is why I love it.

I really do. I, I watch all your videos, maybe not when you do them, but I do watch them. And some of them, I even, I have, I have a Katie Lance file on Dropbox that I put and a lot of the things in there. And it is because the fact that you could watch it, but it’s not when you’re going to do the job that day, or you may just like you did an instant, uh, grand mastermind class. I started watching it. I’m like, okay, way too much information here. I don’t have to take it piece by piece and dissect it and learn how to put it in to make it work for me. But that’s what I’ve been focusing on.

I love that. You said that. Yeah. I mean, sometimes, you know, you just have to kind of take it like piece by piece, you know? And, uh, it’s one of the reasons why we have so much of our training on demand because we know a lot of people like you you’ll watch it and then go, well, yeah, I’m going to pause this. I gotta digest. And then I’ll go back, you know, uh, when, when you have time, which would, which I absolutely love. Um, so, you know, when it comes to social media, I mean, your business has been, you’re just thriving over the years. Uh, has there been, you know, anything specifically that you think you done on social media, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, has there been anything specific that you can think of that has really made an impact in terms of generating business or just staying in touch better with your past clients? Um, just kind of love to hear your, your thoughts about that.

I guess the big thing for me, more than anything else is, um, I went all in on Facebook. Um, but it’s the video. Um, I am, I love video. Um, I think it’s just the perfect thing for everybody to be doing. I’m thrilled to see so many people do video. Um, I’ll never forget. I was, um, standing in line, um, at, uh, Remax, our foreign Adam contests. The CEO was right behind me and I said, okay, Adam, we’re going to do a Facebook live. What are we doing? And he had never done one. And this was like three years ago. And it was like, okay, I’m breaking in right now. Hi, it’s Ron Burnett. And I’m here with Adam pound house and he’s like, okay, that’s good. That’s really kind of fun. But just being able to be spontaneous and sharing things and talking to people and getting to know, I mean, not everything.

And this is one thing I’ve learned from you is business should be maybe 10 to 20%, depending on how and how you do it, but most everything else. This is social. This is for them to know who you are. I mean, I have my business page, but so I’m doing interviews with restaurant people, or I’m doing videos of being out on the Lake or my daughter, she just turned 30 and I did a surprise birthday party for her, um, up in Boston. And so I did a video of that. It makes me more relatable, um, especially because the fact that people need to know more about you to trust you. And that’s what social media does. It brings the real huge trust. It’s not just the, I sold 75,000 homes last year. And I’m the number one agent in the world. And, you know, they don’t trust you that well. Um, so I I’d rather have them know, you know, that I had this fabulous client that I just sold their home a hundred thousand dollars over asking price in three days and had two backups because when the first one failed, I had another one step in to me that’s more important than all that, but you gotta do all as good as the we part.

Well, I, I love, I think one of the things you do really well is this, like you said, you, you really balance, I think the, the personal and the business, and I think sometimes even, even now in 2021, I think a lot of agents still really struggle with that. You know, they, they think, you know, gosh, do I have to share everything? Like, couldn’t, I just hire someone to do it all for me and I get it. But I think what I’m hearing you say is like, there’s so much power in just being authentic and sharing, not necessarily every moment of your life, but just that personal connection that happens with social media.

Well, and that’s one of the big things too, is when you’re trying to put together a social media content calendar, and really making sure that you’re covering all the different areas, a lot of that community and a lot of that personal, um, really blends in, I mean, you’re not going to go interview somebody that owns a restaurant that you hate, you know, just because everybody else likes it. No, don’t, don’t do that. Find another place that you like, and you want to go do it. So it makes them, it makes me more valuable. And what you say, um, is a lot more valuable, I think. Yeah,

Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, I know we’re all walking around with smartphones. I fall Androids, everyone’s got their favorite phone, uh, and we’re also, we also have a phones full of apps. Uh, and I know there’s a lot of apps I use. There’s also a lot of apps I don’t use on my phone. And so I’m just wondering when it comes to, uh, not necessarily just social media, but social media or business, is there an app or two that you are loving right now, that’s, that’s helping you in your business?

You know, I wish I had more time to learn all the thousand apps that I have in my phone because I am one of those that I’ll go to a conference and they’ll go, Oh, look at this. And it’s okay, great. I’ll load that. Oh, and then I’d go back and go, what was I supposed to do all these things right, right now, because it’s mainly, it’s, you know, some of the fun ones, like the boomerang apps and, and Canva, of course, and some of the other things that you really can use to help express yourself as you’re doing the things you’re doing. But again, it’s, it’s, it takes a lot. I wish I was much more of a junkie. I wish, you know, I, I got a tip talk accountant and I sat there and watched everybody else for about an hour. And I said, okay, this is not good. The new thing on the block, clubhouse, you know, where all these people are in there doing rooms. And it’s like, you could spend all day listening to people, talk about all sorts of stuff. I mean, I got one with, um, uh, Ellroy um, miracle, mind. He was how, uh, he was on there. Yeah. And he was on there and I was on Robin. I’m taking notes and listening to all these things and I’ve read his book, I know this stuff, but an hour later I was like, okay, that was not profitable for me.

It’s hard. Yeah.

Can you bring, you bring up a really good point because I find that there’s this balance of you wanting to explore new platforms like clubhouse or, or Tik TOK, but then there’s the flip side, like you just said, like, it can be a huge time and all of a sudden, you know, you look at your phone go, Oh my gosh. Like I just spent an hour or an hour and a half or whatever. So

The patients that all these people in these rooms I’m like, do they work? I mean,

I know, I know. So I’m, I’m curious. Do you have any advice for kind of taking back your time, time management? Is there anything that you do to kind of stay on top of your priorities and making sure that, you know, it’s important to have time for fun, obviously, but also it’s important that we, that we’re prioritizing what is making us, what’s making money, you know, what’s right. But you know, business that’s happening. That’s obviously important. So, well,

That’s one of the hard things about being a realtor is all realtors, in my opinion are pretty much add. We have to be to be able to juggle thousands of things, but it’s also pretty, we’re very shiny penny oriented. We love the shiny penny. And so if something’s new, we’re the first ones out there, you know, or at least trying it or talking to people and researching it, researching it to decide if we could do it. But at the end is that really what’s going to make you money. And I decided that my best thing is to just focus on one or two aspects of social media, not everything because otherwise I do, I was spending a lot of time on Instagram and Facebook, and I’m finding people now because there’s so much easier combined to actually cross post, um, that I don’t have to spend as much time on Instagram if I’m on Facebook because they’re sharing it both ways.

I do have some clients that are not on Facebook, so I need to go back and check on them on Instagram. But most everybody, I had really as good about cross-breeding as I call it. Um, but I also really like follow a lot of what you taught is I limit it to so much per day and I just try to walk away from it for the rest of the time. I do have all my clients highlighted in my, um, feed. So in a room so that I can know what’s going on with them. I want to know when they have a baby or when they’re pregnant or their dog dies or something happens. I want to be there and just, you know, let them know that I care because I do. And that’s important part to me being real estate is, is that I am with all the people that are around me and I really enjoy them all.

Yeah. I think, I think you make a really good point. I think sometimes we get focused on the content piece of social media, which is obviously important and you’re doing a great job with the video and a lot of the stuff that you’re posting on Facebook or Instagram. But, but to your point, it’s not just about posting it’s about what other people are posting and not just other people like the people you really want to stay in touch with. So the fact you’re being really intentional and you’re staying in touch with people. And, and like you said, to your point, you know, people post things about their, their, their family that they’re, you know, they’re cats or dogs tends to, it tends to sometimes be the high highs. Like we had a baby and sometimes the low lows, right. When we’re going through as well. So now I think that’s a, I think that’s really, that’s great. Are you, do you find that you’re spending the most time on Facebook aside? You said Instagram too, but are those kind of things?

Yeah, I did mainly on, but, but like I said, I do go back and, um, I check a lot of the people I care it’s harder on Facebook. There’s always that discussions. Should you friend all the realtors, you know, and all the realtor request, you know, and being with a group like Tom ferry, I know a lot of people are a lot of people know me through so-and-so Oh, I saw her, you know, in this group or that, you know, training or whatever it happens to be. So you get a lot of requests and I just decided over the years, um, to start limiting it now I realized that I have almost 5,000. You’re probably way over that. Uh, well, they cap you at five, but I almost 5,000. And I realized probably 90% of it are realtors from across the country. Um, somewhere in the world, you know, there are other agents, so I’m starting to relook at that.

And, um, think about the value that I’m bringing them and the value that they’re bringing me. But right now, um, I, at the beginning of this year had a friend in my office who, um, committed suicide. Um, she very depressed after everything going on with COVID. And, um, so I posted on the back of my, for my background on Facebook, a great little Winnie, the Pooh, you know, Christopher, Robin item, basically saying how important you are, that one post, my background has been shared over 600 times. Wow. Yeah. And now all these people sharing it saying, as you guys know, I love you too. And so I was kind of surprised because I might who keep sharing things. And I think a lot of it was other realtors, but, um, it’s, it was just so poignant and the comments that I got that I realized you do make a difference, no matter what you do or what you say, as long as you’re being, as we said authentic.

So it’s just, it’s really important. And I didn’t say, you know, my friend died, I just took this and it meant something to me. And I just wanted to kind of broadcast it because right now with COVID we have so many agents that are single, that are at home and can’t talk to anybody, can’t see anybody and that’s not good. That’s really not good. So I’ve been making a conscious effort to watch people on Facebook, to, you know, reach out to people that I know. Um, just because the fact that soon, hopefully we’ll all have shots and we’ll be able to go out and have classes and wine together. Can’t wait to see that absolutely huggers.

I know I’m a hugger. I miss the hug selfies and grabbing a glass of wine. And, um, you know, you, you, you, I mean, you really do bring up some good points and I know you’ve had a year, uh, probably an understatement and, and so many others have had, have had a tough year. And, um, I would love for you to just kind of touch on your thoughts, your thoughts around overcoming obstacles, because I I’ve always admired that about you. You’re, you’re such a positive person. And I know if I’m ever feeling down, I can always go to your, your page or just, you know, look at, look to see what you’re doing. Like you said, with your, with your, you know, what you posted the Winnie the Pooh thing. Like I always find that you’re, you’re just such a positive person. And so, um, it just would love for you to kind of talk a little bit about that, how you think about overcoming obstacles, and maybe you could share some advice for people who might be struggling a little bit right now.

Yeah. Last year it was a hard year between breaking my back and double surgeries and thinking, okay, we’re just going to be, you know, another two to three weeks because we had a surgery January 31st and a second week of, well, first week of March, my husband and I were like, Oh, pretty soon, we’re going to be able to maybe drive and we’ll be able to go do things. Cause he broke his back to, uh, don’t jump off cliffs, a 40 foot cliff and fell him. Didn’t do well. Um, so, but then COVID came and part of it at the beginning was like, okay, well it’s all right, because nobody’s gonna want to see houses right now. So I don’t have to drive and I don’t have to do all these things. And so it was okay for the first little bit, but then it started continuing on and you couldn’t see people and can’t even talk to your neighbors or it, you know, so I started trying to focus differently. So I, um, found out we have a couple of local charities and I, my next door neighbor has a truck and I put a truck out, um, besides saying a food drive on a Saturday and filled up the truck twice and went and took it to the homeless shelter. And so just always looking to focus outward because it’s too easy to just sit there and go, Whoa is me and have another glass of wine at two o’clock in the afternoon, which I don’t do.

Um, I also been blessed. I have a life coach too, and she was able to help me through a lot of the things, especially when my mother died in August. So, but it’s, it’s more, I, I always try to think that I just focus outward. And if I find something else it’s like trying to help people that are, you know, stuck inside. Um, I started in at Thanksgiving, I volunteer to take food to people with some of the local food banks because they can’t get out. Um, some of them get the quarantine, some of them because they’re too old or, you know, they don’t want to go out because they’re elderly, you know? So, um, I just always been looking at other things to do so that I feel better about where I’m at. Um, other things that are, you don’t have to touch people with, but, you know, um, that I feel better when I know that if I’m making a, it makes, it makes me feel better anyway.

Yeah. I think that makes a big difference. I have found the same, the same way, you know, and when you’re, you know, really upset or you’re going through something, if you can, you know, help someone else, there’s just some, there’s, there’s a lot of joy in that. And, uh, you know, we have to sometimes get a little creative with, with, with, COVID obviously keeping going and keeping safe and things like that. But, uh, there’s a lot of people who, who could use, who could use help, you know, uh, you don’t have to look far in your local community. So, um, I love that. I love that you said that and that you have a life coach. I think that’s important. It’s important to have somebody else besides, you know, your spouse or, you know, I’ve always heard it’s, it’s important to have someone besides like, besides your spouse or partner, because you know, it’s like that person has a vested interest in you. It’s good to have someone outside of that, you know, who can give you some perspective. So I think that’s,

I don’t want to wear down your spouse. I mean, I’ve been married well 34 years and, um, he’s fabulous. He’s one of the most wonderful people ever in the world. And he would run through fire for me and be happy to listen to all my lows everyday. But yeah, that’d be kind of a bummer for him all the time. And it’s bad enough that I right now and say I lost another contract and we bid a hundred thousand over our kid, you know, so, but he can handle that. So yeah, I have had the life coach for, I guess, about a year and a half. And it’s really great because she helps me really set my goals, stay on my goals, talk about different things that I do get a lot of my overall business part situated so that I can really set like right now, my big thing is, is I have this room behind me and I’m going to have it finally finished.

Um, so that I have a permanent video place. And with her help, we’ve been talking about that already setting up the videos for the website and all the different things that we’ve been doing, but then you also have the flip side of, okay, so what’s going on? Why are you, you know, not as happy today as you usually are. So it’s great to have a, like you said, somebody else to bounce it off with that. There’s no judgements and you don’t have to worry. They don’t have to worry. They’re saying the wrong thing. Um, cause yeah, sometimes your spouse just wants to help too much.

Exactly, exactly. Um, this is awesome. I, I have loved, I love chatting with you today, Robin, this has been, this has been so great. And for all of, uh, all of the folks who are listening, we are going to stay on with Robin and we’ve been, we have a couple of bonus questions that we put over on our podcast. So if you’re watching this on YouTube, make sure you hit the subscribe button and the bell button because we have new episodes that come out each and every week. Um, and then head on over to our podcast because I’m going to stay on here with Robin and ask her a few more questions that are only for the podcast listeners today. Um, for folks who are listening to you, Robin, uh, you know, I know you’ve shared some great, great advice here today. What are, um, what are some of the ways people can get in contact with you if they want to reach out to you or go to your website or, or connect with you or send business your way?

Oh, business easy. My name, Robyn Burdett. Why? And no EA it’s so funny. A lot of people go, Oh, Bridgette, B U R D E T T. I got door. Look at. So for debt, we remember it, um, at and I’m on Facebook, please feel free to reach out I’m on Instagram too. Feel free to reach out on either one of those. I just finished up Katie’s 30 day social media challenge and worked on my LinkedIn. Um, so yay. Um, I didn’t realize how bad it was. So I was like, okay, we gotta just things on this checklist I can do with Katie’s help.

And that goes back to what you said earlier. You never stopped learning. Like there’s never like this finish line of like, I did it all. It’s just, it’s a, it’s a progression, you know, you never stop learning. So I love that. So we’re going to drop all those links below. So if you’re watching that on, if you’re watching this on YouTube or Facebook or on our website, we’ll have all those links below. So you can get in touch with Robyn and as you’re listening to this, you know, if you’re thinking, well, gosh, like I need to get a handle on a lot of my social media. We would love for you to check out our Academy. You can go to to check it out, um, and reach out to me if you have any questions as well. So Robyn, I know we’re going to keep you on here for just a second, but thank you so much for sharing with our listeners today.

Oh, it was great fun. Thank you. Thank you.


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