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Review: Get Fired Up with Debra Trappen’s New Book

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Fire Up!

Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11… is your primer to living the life you were meant to live. If you are ready to stop dreaming and start doing, Debra’s proven steps and strategies will help you progress to where you need and want to be.

When my friend Debra Trappen announced she was publishing her first book, I was thrilled! Not only was I happy for Debra for achieving the remarkable accomplishment of becoming a published author (way to go Deb!) but I was also incredibly happy to get my hands on this fantastic new book. For those who have not met Debra (yet), you should know Debra is 100% authentic – she lives and breathes her personal brand and her story. She isn’t a speaker or writer who talks about one thing and does another. She truly walks the walk. She is also one of the kindest people I know but is also completely straight-forward and will tell you like it is – to bring out your personal best!

I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t sure how Debra was going to manage to capture her infectious personality and fiery passion within the pages of a book. But of course, she managed to do it with an unparalleled finesse! Fire Up! is chock full of inspirational insight paired perfectly with Debra’s signature, actionable advice. There are a multitude of takeaways from the book (and each individual reader is sure to have their own) but here are 11 of mine:

1. It all starts with the Core Four. Debra shares her Core Four (Values, Soul Tank, Purpose, Niche) as the defining process for your personal brand. I love this! Not only does breaking things down in this manner make so much sense, Debra provides simple exercises for the reader to discover each core element. Brilliant!

2. Everyone needs a #MoxieMemo in their life! In true Debra fashion, the book is sprinkled with short, succinct quotes or truths designed to FIRE YOU UP, which she refers to as a #MoxieMemo. Here’s one of my favorites:

A favorite #MoxieMemo from Fire Up!

A favorite #MoxieMemo from Fire Up!


3. The P.A.C.E technique will change the way you make decisions. Debra introduces the reader to the P.A.C.E. technique (Pause, Assess, Choose, Execute), an amazing tool to have in your toolbox!

4. Passions are priorities. I love how Debra highlights the importance of infusing our passions into our personal brand. Her brand is a shining example of this and one that I have always admired! (Check out WomenOnWine.TV to see what I mean!)

5. If you’re struggling to find your “why”, this book is for you! Debra’s ability to gently yet clearly guide the reader through a process of self discovery is nothing short of genius.

6. 11 Affirmations. Debra offers 11 awesome affirmations in her chapter on being your signature self. She urges the reader to incorporate them into their daily self talk, something that is so important.

7. Mindset Shift tips and tricks. A shift in your mindset can be life changing, Debra offers some great tips for this!

8. A lesson in storytelling. Debra shares with the reader how to effectively share your story and engage others, something she does herself so well.

9. Loads of awesome social media tips. As a social media strategist myself, I was impressed with the amount of social media know-how Debra offers in her book. She is able to break things down so simply and effectively – lots of great takeaways here!

10. The Progressive Power of Engagement. Absolutely loved this little gem of a tip! (hint, you’ll find it in chapter 8)

11. Keys to amplify your voice. In a “noisy” online world, it’s not an easy thing to get your voice out there…and heard. Debra offers some smart insight here that will get you, you guessed it, fired up!

I know Debra’s mission was to write a valuable, entertaining and practical life guide to help each of us clarify and amplify the elements of our personal brand. Her mission was a success and I believe you will enjoy this book and journey, as I did.

Are you ready to get FIRED UP?  Grab your copy HERE.


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