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I am so thrilled to announce my first-ever, “Katie’s Favorite Things!” This is something I’ve been wanting to do for sometime. If the title sounds a bit like Oprah’s Favorite Things – it is intentional. As a lot of you know I am a huge fan of Oprah; the type of leader she is and the impact she has had on people worldwide – especially women. I also was very humbled this past year when Brad Inman coined me the “Oprah of real estate” – which I consider to be a huge, huge honor.

Bucket list item! I had the honor of getting tickets to The Oprah Show in it’s last season with my bestie!

When Oprah had her daytime show, I always loved watching her annual Favorite Things show and thought how fun it would be for me to try to do that one day. Since the holidays are quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to do my own version of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

On December 15th, I hosted a Facebook Live where I highlighted a few of my favorite things for business, life and tech.

If you missed me live, here is the complete replay!

A few disclosures: these are all products I have purchased, read or consumed and highly recommend. These are things that have been carefully selected to share with you – my community, because they have impacted my life in so many ways. Second, I am promoting Amazon affiliate links which means if you decide to purchase anything on this list, I do receive a small commission from Amazon. I am not hired by any of these companies to pitch or promote their products – I am doing so on my own volition!

Ready for the list? Here we go in no particular order:

  1. My book #GetSocialSmart. Yes, my own book is on this list because it truly is one of my favorite things. It was a two-year labor of love to write the ultimate social media guidebook and I’m so proud of how it came out and more importantly how it has impacted small business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.
  2. Echo dot. I purchased this over the last few weeks and loved it so much, I bought one for everyone on our team. I love using it for holiday music, but my kids love it to play games and are constantly teaching me about “Alexa.” I can’t wait to connect our Nest and see what other features I can set up on my Echo Dot. 
  3. Google Mesh: If you are like a lot of people (like me) – you work from home and no matter how much you pay for your wifi – it’s just not strong enough, epecially for live streaming or Facebook Live broadcasting. When I was speaking at the RE/MAX Integra event this Fall, I ran into a good friend of mine, RE/MAX agent, Jen Sylvester who told me about the Google Mesh. This product is AMAZING. Long story short it helps to boost your wifi in your house and basically enhances your wifi and makes it stronger. If you work from home – this is an awesome product to consider. Here are two options for the mesh: and
  4. Steal the show book: I first discovered Michael Port in-person at Social Media Marketing World and was immediately impressed with his style and approach to teaching speakers on how to hone their craft. Whether you’d like to become a professional speaker, or just get better at speaking to people in professional settings – this book is a must read! 
  5. Lumee cases. I love, love, love my LuMee! This awesome phone case is perfect for selfies but I love it for videos. You can just pop it on your phone and easily you will have an awesome light source for your videos or selfies! Here are two options for the case: iPhone 8/7/6s/6: Samsung Galaxy S7:
  6. Mophie charger: With all my travels, I never leave home without my mophie. This one will charge my iPhone multiple times over and is a must-have. You never know when you need to charge your phone and I love always having this handy and not worrying about a plug. 
  7. Talking in Pictures book: One of my dear friends Chelsea Peitz wrote this awesome book and it is a must read especially if you are thinking about how to incorporate Snapchat or Instagram Stories into your business.
  8. Paperwhite Kindle: I resisted getting a Kindle for years because I still love a “real book!” But, I realized for travel and reading in bed, there is nothing like the Kindle. I love the Paperwhite version because frankly – it doesn’t have any apps so it keeps me focused on reading. The Paperwhite version is great on the eyes and so portable. 
  9. Kindle case: You have to protect your Kindle right? Here is my fave case in red. Love the look and feel of it! 
  10. Road to Recognition book: Before you can think about social media, you have to think about what your brand is all about. My good friend and talented fellow speaker, Seth Price, co-wrote this awesome book and I highly recommend it as you plan your marketing strategy! 
  11. Tripod: This table-top tri-pod is simple and easy to use. I use it to record all my vlogs because stability is key! 
  12. FB Like coffee mug: Who doesn’t need a cute social media coffee mug?? I love my coffee mugs and this one is one of my favorites! 
  13. Starbucks coffee k-cups: You can’t have coffee and not have some of my favorite Holiday Blend coffee for Kuerig! So yummy and flavorful – perfect for the holidays. 
  14. Vlog Like a Boss book: I first met Amy on Periscope and was so impressed with her style and how she made vlogging so easy to understand. Her book is a great resource guide for the who, what, where and how to get started and excel with video – a must-read! 
  15. Selfie stick: Who doesn’t need a good selfie stick? I credit my hubby with finding this one! This selfie stick is awesome because it is also a tripod and comes with a remote – super easy to use!
  16. Tory Burch Nylon Ella Tote: I had to add one of my favorite handbags to the list. This bag is awesome for so many reasons but one of the reasons is how easily it folds down which makes it perfect for travel. This is one of my fave bags to pack for my speaking gigs and trips!
  17. Smashbox photo finish primer: Yes, I am including make-up in this list! Being onstage and on on camera requires that your make-up look flawless for hours upon end. This primer just helps everything stay in place – I love it!

Thoughts? Did your favorite gifts make the list? I’d love to hear from YOU – what are some of your favorite things? Leave me a comment below!


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