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3 Ways to Use Your Personal Facebook Page for Business

While your personal Facebook page is not specifically meant for business use (nor should it solely be used for business,) it can be a powerful way to connect with potential as well as current clients. When this is done correctly, it can have a positive impact on your professional life.

Here are a few best practices:

1. Privacy Settings. First off, make sure that your personal content is separate from marketing-oriented messages. This is simple: just go to your Account Settings and select Followers. This lets people subscribe to your profile and view public status updates without taking the step of connecting as a friend. Here’s a step-by-step of how to do this.

You’ll want to make sure that your privacy settings are configured to share the more personal items (such as photo albums) with friends only. You might also consider editing the About information on your Timeline to keep that information private as well. However, it’s best to leave website information public so that people can learn more about you and get in touch.

Allowing people to subscribe to your Facebook Page helps separate personal from marketing content.

Allowing people to follow  your Facebook Page helps separate personal from marketing content.

2. Look and Feel. You’ll also want to make sure that a few other details are covered before you go about using your personal Facebook Page for marketing. This is the time to look at your cover photo – while it shouldn’t be dedicated strictly to business, it should showcase your personality. Remember that this is a visual representation of who you are and what you have to offer. Additionally, make sure that you’ve updated your current employer, your websites and the pages of which you are an administrator.

Make sure that your current-employer field has been updated.

Make sure that your current-employer field has been updated.

3. Status Updates Matter. When harnessing your personal Page for business, make sure that your status updates provide a mix of resources and personal information. By doing this, you not only establish yourself as an authority in your field, but you help current and potential clients know you as a person. I believe in the 80/20 rule – approximately 80% of my posts on my personal profile are personal and 20% are business-related. However, even my business-related posts are much more inline with ‘why I love what I do’ and celebrating my clients then overtly selling.

If you’d like to get more followers and friend requests, share your Facebook profile link on other social-media outlets such as your website and blog.

Status updates work best when you offer a mix of resources and personal information.

Status updates work best when you offer a mix of resources and personal information.

And you’re all set up! Here are a few things you’ll be able to do with your personal Facebook Page that you can’t do with one dedicated to business purposes:

  • Send private messages
  • Participate in groups
  • Wish friends a happy birthday
  • Create interest lists
  • Suggest your Page to friends

The key here is that although you may not be promoting your business on your personal profile as you would on your business page – the ability to connect with your clients, customers and potential clients and customers on a personal level – can directly impact your business over the long haul.

For more resources, check out 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Facebook Status Updates and 5 Ways to Start Building Business Today with Your Facebook Profile.  Find me on Facebook and let’s connect!



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