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How Can I Give My Facebook Business Page a Boost?

Now that you’ve created a Facebook Business Page, you’re going to want to get the most out of it. While your own mileage will vary in terms of how you go out to accomplish this, I’ve pulled together several suggestions that I think will be helpful to you no matter what your individual goals might be.

Boosting your Business Page’s activity often begins with those who are already interested in and engaging with it. Tap into the collective power of your current fan base and ask them to like and share your content. Do this directly, honestly and not too terribly often, and you’ll reap the benefits without causing undue resentment.

Tap into the power of your collective fan base.

Tap into the power of your collective fan base. Here’s a great example from my client, Sindeo.

Cross-promotion can be a gold mine if you’re looking to light a fire under your Page. This can be accomplished in a few different ways; use one or both depending on what works for you. First, you might consider joining forces with other page managers who work in a similar industry to yours. This enables you to tap into each other’s clientele and create a potentially valuable working relationship. Your cross-promotion can also take the form of creating a presence on fan pages that you might find within your professional niche. This helps you develop authority as you offer comments and useful information – and be sure that you post as your own fan page rather than your personal profile so that your business gets the credit.

Mobile phone users are making up an ever-greater percentage of your online audience, so don’t forget to take them into consideration when posting. That means fewer words and more images to draw in restless cell-phone scrollers. In addition, think twice about auto-posting, particularly if you’re a frequent Facebook flyer. Instead, manual updates allow you to customize your content to the people you’re trying to reach.

Make content short and sweet for mobile users.

Make content short and sweet for mobile users, like this fun post for my client, Househappy.

Next, keep in mind that once you have hit 400 Likes on your Page, you’ll be able to access Facebook Offers. This in turn allows you to provide interactive offers that can not only be redeemed by customers either online or in-person, but that can hopefully go viral in order to gain you more notoriety and business. Remember to accompany the offer with some catchy visuals to really pull people in!

Finally, a not-so-secret weapon for boosting your page: video! Uploading video directly to your Facebook page (as opposed to a link to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) will add an entire new dimension to your page. Facebook’s algorithm appears to love organic videos – and so will your fans!

Video adds a whole new dimension to your page.

Video adds a whole new dimension to your page. Click the image to view more of my Facebook videos.

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