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How to Promote Your Virtual Open House on Instagram

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 183

Have you wondered how you can do better at promoting your virtual open houses over on Instagram? 

Tip 1: Add a link to your bio 

You are only allowed one live link so we love using a tool like to add multiple links in your bio! 

Tip 2: Use Instagram Stories  

Use IG stories a few days in advance to build anticipation, create curiosity and promote your virtual open house. Use the countdown feature too so people can be notified of when you are live. Do an Instagram Stories the day of your open house too! 

Tip 3: Post a carousel post in the feed 

Post more than one photo or video in the feed to promote your virtual open house. Fun fact – when you share more than one photo in a carousel post – people are more likely to see it!

Looking for a complete guide to hosting a virtual open house? Download our Virtual Open House Handbook here! 

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