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How to Use Social Media for Real Estate Marketing

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 181

Have you wondered how you can maximize social media for real estate? Here are three things that make a big difference! First off – there are really two sides to consider with social media – nurturing past clients and then attracting new clients – so your strategy needs to reflect that!   

TIP 1: Be intentional  – have a plan 

  • Social media can’t be an “add on” to your plan 
  • Integrate it into your overall marketing plan 
  • Consider time blocking daily, weekly and monthly to manage your time 

TIP 2: Create a content strategy 

  • Consider investing time and effort into creating unique content like videos, blogs or podcast content 
  • Focus on creating one great piece of content per week that you can repurpose and repackage on other social media platforms. 
  • Remembers, social media is “rented ground” so invest time in owning your own content! 

TIP 3: Be more interested in others 

  • Remember, social media is social – so it is less about you and more about others. 
  • Don’t be a drive by liker 
  • Take the time to meaningfully engage with at least 5 people daily on social media 
  • Don’t automate your social media – you have to be there and show up in an authentic way! 

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