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Mistakes Realtors are Making with their Virtual Open Houses

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 180

Are you hosting virtual open houses? After seeing hundreds of agents and brokers host these over the past few months – here are a few of the biggest mistakes we are seeing!

MISTAKE 1: Not having a plan or winging it

  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
  • Practice using Facebook Live in advance
  • Prepare what you will say, what you will highlight and how it will work logistically.

MISTAKE 2: Just sharing the facts

  • Be a storyteller – is there an interesting fact about the home? Ask your seller what they loved most about their home? What is the story behind a new remodel?
  • Stories help to keep people engaged and curious!

MISTAKE 3: Oversharing

  • Think of a virtual open house like a movie trailer – share the top 3-5 highlights
  • Keep people curious – no need to share everything!
  • At the end -wrap up with a simple call to action that if people would like more info and all the details of the property to message you or comment below!

Looking for more guidance for hosting a virtual open house? Download our Virtual Open House Handbook here >>


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