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How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook (without spending money!)

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 166

Are you wondering how you can generate a steady stream of leads from Facebook without spending a whole lot of money? Here are three ways to do that!  

  1. Create video content. The best type of content you can create that will generate leads is content that is timeless (relevant today but also in the future) and episodic content (meaning, you are committing to putting original video content out on a consistent basis and naming your episodes!) Not sure what to talk about? Think about the questions you get asked all the time! Also, when it comes to video – make sure you caption your videos because so many of us never turn the sound on when it comes to video. I love using for subtitles. When creating content aim for content that is both original and evergreen.
  1. Create Facebook Live content. Facebook Live is one of the most engaging pieces of content you can create. When you do a Facebook Live – look for opportunities to highlight others. Check out this Facebook Live we did recently where we highlighted an author – look at the engagement! Facebook Live is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise and build trust – which leads to business!  
  1. Show up every day! Don’t outsource and don’t be a drive by liker. You have to take the time to show up every day on Facebook. Spend time daily really digging in to what your clients and prospects are sharing and connect!  

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I’d love to hear from you! What is your biggest struggle right now with Facebook?



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