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What Real Estate Agents Should NOT Do on Social Media

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 164

Have you ever seen agents make these mistakes? Here are three things real estate agents and brokers should not be doing on social media!

  1. Post and run. Take the time to stick around, respond to comments, etc. The magic is in the back and forth! Respond to each comment. The algorithms prefer content that sparks a conversation!
  2. Outsourcing social media. You can’t replace you! Real estate is a relationship business. You can’t hand that part of it off to someone else.
  3. Just posting listings – and that is it. Get creative – post other content! Also, when it comes to posting to your listings – get creative and post a link to your blog or a video instead of a link to the MLS. Be a storyteller! A great example of a team who does this really well is: Team Diva – check out their blog here and this example of how they promote one of their listings through creative storytelling. Also, Betti Russo – here is an example of a community video that received a ton of traction!

What is the biggest mistake you are seeing people making on social media 

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