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How to Use Facebook in 2020 for Real Estate Agents

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 157

Is Facebook a part of your 2020 social media plans? Here are three big tips on how to use Facebook for real estate agents in the new year!

Tip #1: Think beyond the now

When it comes to Facebook, especially if you have a Facebook Business Page, consider scheduling content for the week ahead. Our #GetSocialSmart Academy members will time block 30 minutes per week to schedule 3-5 pieces of content for the week ahead. This doesn’t mean set it and forget it – but rather think ahead to posts for the week such as new listings, open houses or other ‘themed days’ like Feature Friday or Throwback Thursday.

Tip #2: Quality versus quantity

The good news is that you can post less on Facebook to stay relevant and to build your business – but quality of content is more important than ever before. It’s critical for 2020 that you post original content – content you have created. We recommend for 2020 that you post three types of original content on Facebook to achieve the highest level of success: graphics (use a tool like Canva to enhance and create your graphics), recorded video (with your phone or working with a professional video editor) and/or Facebook Live. Incorporating these three types of content into your Facebook marketing will generate the highest level of response!

Tip #3: Be a storyteller

We all resonate with stories over facts. Brainstorm your client’s success stories. Think about why do you click like, comment, share on social media? What inspires you? Think about telling the stories of your listings, of your buyers, of your community with your content on Facebook to attract the people you want to work with!

What is your biggest struggle on Facebook? Looking for a jump-start with your Facebook strategy? Check out our free resource center here and check out our additional videos here!


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