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How to Use Facebook Insights to Save You Time (and Money!)

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 154

Here is the good news – you don’t need to spend a ton of money or time to build your engagement on your Facebook business page. Using Facebook Insights will help you maximize your posts and help you work smarter not just harder. Here are three simple tips to make the most out of Facebook Insights.

  1. Search Posts Within Your Insights. To get a better sense of what time and day is best to post – view your posts graph within your Insights! This area of Facebook Insights will also show you what type of content tends to get the highest level of reach and engagement.
  2. View Your Videos Within Your Insights. Viewing your videos will share your video stats but it will also allow you to create a new post with your video content. This is a great way to not just share but repost video content multiple times as a way to repurpose your video content.
  3. View Your Demographics Within Your Insights. Wondering who is your target demographic on Facebook? Viewing not just who likes your page but who is your top engaged audience is key!

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