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The Mistakes Every Instagram Newbie Makes

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 149

Real estate friends – are you new to Instagram? Don’t make these three common ‘newbie’ mistakes!

Mistake #1: Not completing your bio. Make sure you are including a little bit about you personally and professionally. Include a hashtag or two and emojis to catch people’s eye!

Mistake #2: Not maximizing the link your the bio. You can not add live links to your post in your feed – the only link you can have that is live is in your bio. Instead of linking to your website – use a free tool like where you can list multiple links. Check out what I have for my link.tree as well as some of our #GetSocialSmart masterminders:

Mistake #3: Only posting in the News Feed. If you aren’t taking advantage of Instagram Stories, IGTV and/or IG Live – you are missing out on many huge opportunities on Instagram. IG is not just about the feed anymore! Capture more eyeballs using all of the tools Instagram has available.

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