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The Truth On How to Build Your Facebook Organic Reach

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 147

How can you increase your reach on Facebook without spending a dime? In this video I’m sharing 3 easy ways you can increase your organic reach over on Facebook!

Feature others – be a good finder!

  • Who can you highlight – highlight a new person or business weekly
  • Lender, stager, local business owner
  • Highlight them with a photo and/or video – share why they are great and TAG them
  • Example: Eddie Campos – Coffee With Eddie, uses a production crew, has 2 sponsors his Lender and Title company and publishes every Monday.

Respond to every like and comment

  • Comment back – meaningfully
  • Use people’s names
  • Be thoughtful

Create and post original video content

  • Recorded video at least 3 minutes
  • Publish same day each week
  • FB Live at least 5 minutes
  • What questions do you get asked all the time

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