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The Biggest Social Media Hacks That Most Real Estate Agents Don’t Want You to Know

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 146

Today I’m sharing 3 of the biggest hacks that a lot of real estate professionals DON’T want you to know when it comes to social media!

When I look at agents and brokers that are getting a high level of business from social media, there are three things that they are doing really well.

1. Storytelling is the new feed

  • Instagram Stories and FB Stories are great ways to engage your audience
  • More people are looking at your stories daily then the posts in your feed.
  • Posts in the feed are still important – but they can be less frequent but higher quality
  • Stories are your back-story
  • They draw people in – every day things, behind-the-scenes – it makes you relatable!

2. Episodic content wins

  • Original content is key
  • Episodic content is king!
  • Video, podcasts, FB Live etc

3. You can’t have someone do it for you

  • No one can replace you
  • You can certainly have people on your team who help: i.e. an assistant, video editor, copywriter
  • But you have to be there building those relationships
  • You can’t set it and forget it
  • Make it a priority just like any lead gen you do on a daily/weekly basis!

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