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The Truth on How Real Estate Pros Can Grow Their Instagram

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 143

Instagram is a great platform to connect with past clients and attract new clients but some agents and brokers may feel a bit stuck with Instagram and aren’t sure how to use it effectively to grow their account (and ultimately – to grow their business!) 

Here are a few truth bombs on how to do this effectively: 

Truth bomb #1 

Intentionally comment daily. It is important that you take the time to leave intentional and meaningful comments on a daily basis. Don’t be a drive by like – take the time to comment on at least 5 posts a day and leave a comment that is at least 4 words. Scroll through your feed to find posts to comment on and/or search relevant hashtags to find new people to engage with 

Truth bomb #2 

Utilize Instagram Stories on a daily basis. IG Stories is a great place to tell your back-story, share tips and resources and share your behind-the-scenes. Have a little fun and let your playful side shine through. Make sure to start watching and engaging with other’s in their Insta Stories too. To make the most of your IG Stories make sure your account is public, use broad hashtags and your geolocation for more people to find your content. Also use fun tools like GIFs, music, polls and more to keep in fun and interactive.  

Truth bomb #3 

Create video for IGTV. With IGTV you can upload up to a ten-minute video and then share a one-minute preview on your Instagram feed. This is a great opportunity to showcase longer form video content you have. Use IGTV to showcase your community, your listings or to provide tips, tools and resources for your clients! 

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