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How to Never Run Out of Ideas for Social Media

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 142

Ever get stuck in a rut when it comes to social media? I get it – I have been on social media for years and it is easy to feel like you are saying the same thing over and over again – or feel like you have nothing fresh and original to say. Here are 5 social media prompts that will help get your social media juices flowing!

  1. When someone meets you for the first time and they ask you about what you do – what questions do they ask you?
  2. If you were to tell your best friend about your latest listing – what would you say? How would you describe it? How about your business?
  3. What questions do you get time and time again at a listing appointment? With a new client? With a buyer? Or seller?
  4. What is the biggest misconception about being in real estate? What do you wish you could tell everyone about what you do?
  5. What is the toughest part about being in real estate? Easiest? Most rewarding? Most challenging?

In addition to these ideas, I encourage you to think about a topic in your business and then list out all the subtopics you could comfortably talk about.

For example – let’s say you love working with first time home buyers. That could be your topic but your subtopics could be:

  1. How to find the right lender
  2. When to stop renting and thinking about buying
  3. What is the 1st thing you need to do
  4. How to find the right Realtor who can represent you properly
  5. Should you work with your friend or family member who is a Realtor?
  6. What does pre-qualify mean
  7. Should you start looking online for homes
  8. How do you know what you can afford
  9. What other hidden costs should you know about
  10. Should you look for a home that is move-in-ready or a fixer? Pros/cons

See how one topic can turn into 10 or more posts? Or 10 or more videos or 10 or more Facebook Lives?

Get out a pen and paper and start brainstorming today! If you are looking for some additional prompts and inspiration check out our content grid – download it today for more than 30 ideas!


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