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How to Save Time on Facebook by Recycling Posts

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 136

There is a common myth that you shouldn’t repost content on Facebook. We don’t want to post too much – but there is so much content flowing through that often we miss what is in the News Feed. So, instead of posting content once, I recommend thinking about how you can repurpose, repackage and recycle Facebook posts. This video has three examples of how to do just that by starting with content you already have:

Example 1: Reviews and testimonials

  • Take a screenshot of a review you may have received from, Zillow, Google, etc. Post that review and a nice message on your business Facebook page.
  • Then, go to (Russell showcase here) and create a graphic in Canva with that same testimonial. Perhaps just pull out a sentence or two and make a simple graphic using your brand colors and logo. Schedule that second post 3-5 days later and in the post link to the original review.
  • Thirdly, if you have a photo of the clients who left you the review, schedule a third post another 3-5 days later with that photo and include the link to the original review. One piece of content recycled in three ways!

Example 2: Video

  • Create a video on your phone and upload the video to your FB business page (this could be a quick 15 second video or a longer 2-3 minute video.) Make sure to add captions to your video.
  • Second, Go to Insights, Posts and click on your video, click on Create New Post – write a new post, schedule the video for 3-5 days later.
  • Repeat this process and schedule a third post for another 3-5 days from the second post. Same video, different verbiage. You can do this with Facebook Live too!

Example 3: Helpful Tips

  • Think of all the questions you get asked – make a list of simple 1-2 sentence tips. Go to – create a template using your brand colors and logo. The template may be something like “Tip Tuesday.”
  • Create 6-12 graphics with 6-12 tips.
  • Go to your Facebook business page and schedule one tip per week for the next 6-12 weeks. Recycle and re-post/reschedule again for the next 6-12 weeks!

Bonus tip: Share your Facebook posts with your email database with your weekly or monthly email newsletter!

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