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The Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Pros Make When They Start Creating Video Content

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 130 | June 26, 2019

Video content is one of the best pieces of content you can create to generate business on social media.  

 But, here are the mistakes I see most agents and brokers making: 

  • Waiting until everything is perfect (hint: there is never a good time!) 
  • Buying a ton of expensive equipment (just start with your phone!) 
  • Giving up to soon (practice helps make it easier) 

It’s also important to have fun and SMILE!  

Big shout-out this week to Tristan Emond – a Realtor in South Dakota – I love his “Mindful Minute” videos on Instagram – I love these (short, simple and super positive!) Check them out here!

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