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Save Money on Facebook: Stop Running Ads!

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 124 | May 15, 2019

In today’s video learn how you can start saving some money by not placing Facebook ads!

Now you might be listening to this going, “Katie, I get thousands of leads from Facebook ads. Oh my gosh, Facebook ads has changed my business.” That is awesome if that is you, then I’m not speaking to you. I am speaking to those of you who are spending $5 here, $10 here, boosting a post, a couple hundred bucks here, and you’re just kind of throwing money at Facebook ads, but you don’t really have a plan or a strategy. You’re not quite sure how to do it right. You’re not quite sure how to target right, and so you’re not seeing a result, and the money is just kind of like flushing down the toilet.

So I want to talk to you guys. Now, there’s a reason why I’m doing this video. Facebook ads, first of all, are changing dramatically, and depending on when you watch this video, Facebook ads for real estate are changing dramatically. There are a lot of changes Facebook is employing in terms of fair housing, the National Association of Realtors as well as HUD are putting all these restrictions in place in terms of advertising in order for real estate professionals to comply with fair housing.

That is a whole other conversation. We’ll probably do a whole other video about that at some point, but what we have found is that a lot of agents and brokers spend money on Facebook ads because it’s hard to get traction on Facebook, right? Let’s face it, you know, five or six years ago you could post anything on Facebook and get dozens of likes and comments and a lot of engagement. And now for a lot of us, our Facebook business pages kind of look like Facebook graveyards for many, many agents.

And so when that happens, a lot of agents and brokers are like, “Okay, I’m not getting engagement. No one’s clicking on things. I’m going to start putting money toward it.” And then if they don’t have a strategy, there’s not a whole lot happening.

So, what I want to share with you in this quick video is a few additional options, because I’m not saying to stop spending money on Facebook ads. I’m just saying that it’s not the end all and be all. It’s not the magic solution. And if you’re going to spend $5 here, $10 here, a couple hundred dollars a month, it might actually be worth it instead of spending it on Facebook ads, which may or may not be effective, why not invest it in a few other techniques and resources that can actually build your business on Facebook organically, which don’t cost a lot of money, but might cost your time.

So, a couple quick tips. One thing right now that is really imperative when it comes to Facebook to get traction is video. Video, video, video. BuzzSumo did a report last year. They studied over 700 million Facebook business pages, and what they found is the number one piece of content to get the highest level of engagement that will hopefully turn into business at some point is video.

So, if you have been hesitant because you maybe don’t like how you look, or how you sound, or you’re not quite how to do video, then you don’t do video, I would just lovingly say it might be time to get over it. Video is such a powerful medium, and I say this as someone who, you know, I’m not a big fan of getting on camera, but I’m a big fan of the results. Because when you put yourself on video, especially with Facebook, when you take a video whether it’s just shot on your phone or whether it’s professionally recorded using a professional videographer and you upload that video directly into Facebook, Facebook generally speaking will get that video out to more people. It’s the one piece of content that’s going to help you really get seen by more and more people. It’s also one of the biggest ways to really increase that know, like and trust factor.

So, big tip number one is to really get a video strategy together as well as a unique content strategy.

My second tip I’m going to share with you that’s going to make a big difference is create episodic content. Episodic content is really key. What do I mean by that? Instead of just video every once in a blue moon or a Facebook Live once in a blue moon, commit to a daily or a weekly, I should say, commit to a weekly time each week that you’re going to put out a new episode, maybe even number them. We number them for our videos. We number them for our podcasts, right? Why is this important?

Well, people are creatures of habit, and if they find your, let’s say episode 26, and they really like your style, they might say, “Gosh, I want to see what else she’s recorded. I want to see the rest of her videos.” So creating episodic content especially on Facebook will really help to dive more people back to your page.

Last quick tip I want to share with Facebook is this idea of focus five. Focus five, some of you have heard me talk about this, and what focus five is is just a simple way to connect with at least five people each and every day on Facebook. Time is all we have and it’s one of these things where I see a lot of agents, they want to hand this off to an assistant or hand this off to somebody else, but nobody can build those relationships like you can.

So take the time every day, take five or 10 minutes every day, and meaningfully engage with at least five people on Facebook. Wish them a happy birthday, say congratulations, connect with them in a really meaningful way. Don’t just be a drive-by liker, but connect in a meaningful way. And those three small things can dramatically change your interaction on Facebook. It can dramatically increase your engagement, and it can dramatically increase the business that you attract versus chasing leads in a big, big way. The good news is that all of that doesn’t cost any money just time.

Okay, I’d love to hear from you. What are your biggest struggles when it comes to Facebook? Put those in the comments of the video, and by the way, if you are struggling a little bit with Facebook, we have a great Facebook cheat sheet for you. I’ve created a seven-day cheat sheet, and so if you’re really trying to get consistent about your Facebook content, download our free Facebook 7-Day Cheat Sheet here >>