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3 Hacks for Avoiding Feeling Overwhelmed with Social Media

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 118

Are you feeling overwhelmed with social media? Don’t worry. I can help. Today I want to share with you three easy tips on how to fight the social media overwhelm.

Now when it comes to social media, I get it. I think one of the biggest things agents and brokers tell me all the time is that they are ridiculously overwhelmed when it comes to social media, because things change all the time and as soon as we figure out one thing, yeah, it’s changed. It also can feel like it takes a lot of time. So these are three quick and simple tips that will hopefully help you fight the social media overwhelm.

Tip Number one: Focus five. One of the things I do each and every day is focus on connecting with at least five people on social media. Why? Because it’s really easy to hop on Facebook, and then all of a sudden get sucked into the social media vortex of political posts and cat videos and what someone had for breakfast, and all of a sudden the half an hour or an hour goes by, and you just feel like you wasted so much time.

So each and every morning, as I’m drinking my cup of coffee, I always scroll through Facebook or Instagram, or both, and see who are the five people I can connect with each and every day. Now don’t just be a drive-by liker. Don’t just jump on and like five things and then hop off, but take the time to like, comment and engage with people. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference, because at the end of the day, relationships are built with small, tiny interactions over the course of time. That’s what it’s all about, right? Relationships are everything.

Tip number two: Time block. I don’t know about you, but if it’s not on my calendar, it usually doesn’t happen. So we recommend, when it comes to social media that you time block daily, weekly and monthly. On a daily basis, set aside 10 or 15 minutes each and every day where you can focus five, and also check your notifications and engage with people.

On a weekly basis, set aside 30 minutes or so, and this is a great opportunity for you to think about the week ahead. Schedule the next three, four, maybe even five days worth of content. Why is this important? Because consistency with your content builds trust, and so thinking ahead, maybe you’re going to have a Tip Tuesday, or Monday Motivation, or a Wednesday Wisdom. Thinking ahead makes a big difference. By the way, this doesn’t mean set it and forget it. This doesn’t mean automate everything, but time blocking weekly helps in a big, big way.

The last part with time blocking is to time block on a monthly basis. We do this every month. I usually set aside about an hour or two, to batch create my content, which I’m doing right now, because let’s face it, if I’m going to sit down, do my hair and makeup and record one video, I might as well record four or five.

So set aside an hour or two each and every month to batch create your content, especially if you’re doing video content, but you can also do this with any of your graphics content that you’re doing as well.

I want to give you a quick example of someone who I think is doing a really great job of that. So my good friend Carl Carter, he is the founder of the Beverly Carter Foundation. He’s also one of our #GetSocialSmart Mastermind attendees. He’s part of our Academy family, and one of the things he does on his business page is he posts safety tips each and every week.

So he has used a tool called Canva. A lot of you have used Canva. We talk a lot about Canva on our videos here, and he’s been able to create a simple template for safety tips, and then he’s able to go in and batch create a lot of content. He’s probably created a library of at least a dozen or so great safety tips. He can post one per week. He can then repurpose some of that and repost it over the course of time.

So big shout out to Carl and what they’re doing with the Beverly Carter Foundation, which I just think is so amazing, and what I think is also awesome that he’s doing from a social media perspective is just, again, really being consistent and batching your content, because that’s the name of the game. Being consistent is a big way to fight the overwhelm.

I’d love to hear from you. What is one of the biggest things that you’re struggling with, when it comes to social media? Let me know in the comments of the video!


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