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How to Make the Most Out of Every Facebook Ad Dollar You Spend

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 116 | March 20, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of all of your Facebook ad dollars? Don’t worry. I can help.

Now when it comes to Facebook ads, there’s three things that are really, really important. The first is the picture or the graphics. The phrase that a picture’s worth a thousand words is so, so important. When you think about your ads, especially if you’re promoting a listing, I’m sure a lot of you are using professional photography, which is really key, so show the best picture. And sometimes the best picture is not the front of the house. Maybe it’s the back yard or that great kitchen or the swimming pool. Great photos make a big difference.

Now if you’re running ads that don’t have anything to do with a listing, of course your own photos are always great. In fact, we see a lot of agents and brokers who are taking great photos of their local community, and those are some great ads that you can run. But there’s also a great free site called is a great free site that will allow you to search stock photos. So if you’re looking for a great photo, maybe a front door or something that you can use in an ad, that is a great tool.

Also is a great resource for taking your photos and editing them a little bit. Maybe you want to add a phrase or some verbiage across your photo like “welcome home” or the name of your community. That can make a big difference. So the first factor is definitely the image.

The second factor are the words that you use. The verbiage in your ads is really important, and in real estate, we tend to use a lot of words. I read a lot of your copy, and a lot of times we want to tell everything there is in an ad, but my recommendation is keep it short. Keep it simple. And when it comes to the verbiage in your ads, I have a great tip. One of the things we like to do with when we think about our Facebook ads is we will ask the question, we’ll give the answer, and then we have a quick call to action. It’s a real simple Facebook ad formula that we follow.

So I’ll give you a quick example. Let’s say you have a great new listing. Instead of in your ad saying, “Hey, I’ve got a great new listing. Open Sunday one to four. Come by. Check it out.” You might turn that around and say something like, “Looking to downsize? I can help. I have a great new listing coming on the market in a few days. Call or message me for more information.” Did you see how I did that? Question, answer, and then a quick call to action. So the verbiage that you use, keeping it short, keeping it simple makes a big, big difference.

The third factor is targeting. Targeting is really key when you think about your Facebook ad dollars. So the big mistake a lot of agents and brokers make is they target this really wide audience, right? Everybody in their town over the age of 25, and then they wonder why their ads kind of tank.

So when it comes to targeting, target your warm audience. A warm audience are either people who liked you on Facebook already. Maybe they’ve gone to your website, because you’ve got that Facebook pixel installed, so you’re retargeting them, and they’ve already been to your website. Maybe they’re in your database, and you’ve downloaded your database, and you’ve re-uploaded it back into Facebook as a custom audience. Targeting warm audiences makes a huge difference, because people who already know, like, and trust you are more likely to like, comment, and engage in your ad.

So those are three small factors that can make a huge difference, whether you’re spending a few dollars with Facebook ads or a few hundred dollars or a few thousands dollars each and every month. Now I would love to hear what questions do you have when it comes to Facebook ads or social media strategy?

Put those in the comments below, and if you’re looking for more tips, tools, and strategies when it comes to Facebook ads and your social media strategy, we invite you to check out our #GetSocialSmart Academy. It’s our 24/7 on-demand learning platform where you can get smarter about how to use social media, especially when it comes to your strategy, Facebook ads, and so much more.