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You Don’t Need More Time for Social Media – You Need a System

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 112 | February 20, 2019

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day when it comes to social media? I get it. I can help.

So often I see agents and brokers who come to my webinars or they send me an email or they tag me on Facebook, and they’ll say something like, “Oh, I’m so overwhelmed with social media, it’s such a time suck. I just don’t have time for it.”

So, here’s the truth. The truth is, I don’t think it’s a time management issue or challenge, it might be that you just don’t have a system when it comes to social media. When you think about all areas of your business where you’re really successful, maybe it’s in the marketing or the transaction or the negotiation part of your business, I would almost guarantee you have some sort of system. Even on a personal level, maybe with your family or some of the things that you do personally or outside of real estate, you probably have some sort of system.

When I look at the agents and brokers that are getting a lot of business from social media, 40, 50, 60% or more, really the number one thing that they’re doing, they don’t have any more hours in the day, they just have a plan and they have a system.

I want to give you a quick tip when it comes to implementing a system, whether you’re new at this or maybe you’ve been going down this road for a few years. My big tip is to time block your schedule. I don’t know about you, but if it’s not on my calendar, it typically doesn’t happen. So, I recommend time blocking daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. I’m going to give you a couple quick tips.

On a daily basis, set aside at least 5 or 10 minutes each and every day where you’re either going to post a piece of content, and also take time to respond to notifications, respond to comments, and just engage with people every day. It could just be a few minutes in the morning, I like to do it every morning when I’m drinking my cup of coffee, could be later in the day or in the evening. But every day, just block out that time.

On a weekly basis, set aside a little bit of time on a weekly basis to think ahead, right? I’m a big believer in scheduling a little bit of your content, now, I don’t mean set it and forget it, I don’t mean automate everything, but set aside maybe 20 or 30 minutes once a week where you’re going to schedule ahead the next perhaps three, four, or five days when it comes to content.

I also recommend time blocking on a monthly basis. We’re time blocking right now when I’m recording these videos. I’m a big believer that if I’m going to sit down, do my hair and makeup, and record one video, I might as well record three or four, maybe even five or six. So, time blocking on a monthly basis when you’re creating content.

And then lastly, time block on a yearly basis. So often we spend so much time working in our business that we never work on our business. So, set a little bit of time once or twice a year where you can really take the time to work on your business.

So, I challenge you to think about what is your system when it comes to social media. If you need some help, we’ve got a great content grid that really will help jumpstart your social media strategy. We’ll make sure to drop that link in the comments below, so check that out.

I’d love to hear from you. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to social media? Put your questions in the comments below.