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3 Hacks to Getting Your Content Seen on Facebook

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 110

Do you ever feel like no one is seeing your content on Facebook? You’re not alone! Today I’m going to share with you three hacks for getting your content seen on Facebook.

Hack number one, engage more with other people. So often I see agents and brokers who are spending all of their time just posting content, and then they just post, and run.

Don’t be that person. Don’t post and run. Make sure you’re taking time to engage with people on Facebook. Whether that’s wishing them a happy birthday, or a congratulations. Commenting, engaging, making sure you’re spending at least as much time posting content as you are engaging with people. That’s the name of the game, really, really important.

My second hack, my second tip is to respond to every comment. This is especially true not only on your personal profile, but on your business page on Facebook. When people comment on your content, don’t just click that like button, or the heart button. Comment. When you respond to every single comment, what happens is that person gets a notification that you commented, which brings them back to the conversation. Which, in the algorithm of Facebook, it brings more people back to your content. Again, number one, engage with more people. Number two, respond to every like, comment back to people.

And, tip number three, create content that highlights other people. This is especially important for those of you with a Facebook Business Page. If you feel like you’re struggling, or you feel like there’s crickets when you post something to your Facebook Business Page, I encourage you to at least once a week, create a piece of content where you are highlighting somebody else. Maybe it’s Feature Friday, where you’re highlighting another agent, or your client, or you’re highlighting your favorite coffee shop, or your lender. I like to think there’s so many people involved in every real estate transaction, there’s so many people that we know, that we can connect with. Why not highlight someone else? When you do that, you can do that through a video, you can do that through a simple post, you can do that through a screenshot. Make sure you tag them, and then reach out to them and let them know that hey, you gave them a shout out.

By bringing other people into the conversation. Not just tagging a bunch of people, don’t go spam tag crazy. Don’t be that person. But, engaging with people, and really connecting with people is a small thing that can make a really, really big difference. I would love to hear from you! What are your struggles, what are some problems or challenges you’re having when it comes to Facebook? Put those in the comments below.


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