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Create Compelling Instagram Content in Minutes a Day | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 108

Are you wondering how you can create compelling Instagram content in just a few minutes a day? Listen up, I can help!

My first tip is to utilize some apps on your phone. Yes, apps are one of the easiest ways to create content quickly and easily. One of my favorite apps is Word Swag. I love Word Swag! Now, Word Swag is a few bucks in the app store, but it’s a great app because you can download beautiful stock photos right within Word Swag and you can also type in your own content, or Word Swag has a great auto-generator. So, if you love posting inspirational quotes like I do, like Monday Motivation or Wednesday Wisdom, and maybe you’re not feeling so inspired for the day, Word Swag has tons of great quotes and inspirational ideas that you can just utilize and brand for yourself.

Oftentimes, when I’m creating content, I’ll sit down, I’ll open up Word Swag and I will create five or seven or even ten pieces of content really quickly and easily. I’ll save them in my phone. I’ll actually put them in a folder inside my phone, and then I can either post them later or schedule them at some point.

Which brings me to point number two, and that is to use a scheduling tool. So we use a tool called is a great tool. There’s a free version. There’s also a paid version. And what I love about Later is really two things, there’s a desktop version and a version for your phone. So if you’re like me and you would rather actually post something from your computer or your laptop, sometimes it’s a little clunky to do it from your phone, is a great resource for that. So after you’ve batch-created your content using Word Swag or any other app that you might use, you can go over to Later and then schedule five, ten or more posts.

Now, as I always say, you’re not going to set it and forget it, of course. But scheduling helps to give you that consistency, which is really, really great.

Another app that I love to use in terms of batch-creating content is Canva. Canva is a great tool. Now I’ll be honest with you, I don’t always use the app version of Canva on my phone, but I love, again, on the desktop version. Canva for Work is also fantastic, that’s the paid version of Canva. And what’s great about Canva for Work, is that it will allow you to preload your logo, your fonts, your colors, and so again, you can batch-create your content quickly and easily.

When you’re creating compelling content for any medium, but especially Instagram, speed is the name of the game. So we don’t want to get lost in the weeds of Instagram with all the pretty photos and cat videos and things that we might see, but really think about how we can create content quickly and easily.

So again, using tools like Word Swag, Later, Canva is fantastic. One other app that I love using as well is an app called Unsplash., again there’s a desktop version, there’s also an app version. And so if you’re looking for some beautiful stock photos, not those cheesy stock photos, but beautiful stock photos for your content, Unsplash is awesome, as well.

The last app I’m going to mention real quick is Layout. Layout is a free app. It’s by Instagram. And Layout is a great app to create collage content. So if you’ve got a lot of photos on your phone and you want to batch create some compelling content quickly and easily, maybe you’ve got some photos from an event or your latest listing, just use Layout, create a couple of collages, and now you’ve created four or five pieces of content that you can easily schedule or post to Instagram.

So there you go. Those are a few tips when it comes to Instagram. If you’re looking for some more inspiration when it comes to Instagram, we have an awesome free Instaguide. It’s a 16 page PDF that we created with tons of examples on agents and brokers and how to use Instagram in a really effective way, whether you’re a beginner or you’re a little bit more advanced. Click here to download our Instaguide to Instagram for Real Estate now >>

I would love to hear from you! Are you on Instagram? If so, make sure you drop your Instagram handle below so we can connect over on Instagram.


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