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3 Killer Apps to Rock Your Instagram Stories | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 102

Are you ready to rock your Instagram? Today I’m going to share with you three of my favorite killer apps to rock your Instagram stories.

App number one, Unfold. Unfold is one of my favorite new apps. This is a really cool app that is totally free to download and when you open up the app, you can use it as a way to create stories in a creative way. What it will allow you to do is create different things like collages. You can add fun borders. You can add different fonts and sizes. We actually used it pretty recently when we were doing an Instagram story about our #GetSocialSmart Napa Mastermind, and it’s a great way to showcase a story using Instagram stories. Again, totally free. Really fun, beautiful, free app.

App number two is Canva. Canva has been one of my favorite tools and apps for quite a long time. There’s a desktop version of Canva. There’s also a mobile app version of Canva, and this allows you to really quickly and easily resize your content in a really easy way, especially if you’re creating content already for Instagram in terms of the square content you might already be creating for Instagram. Canva is a great tool to resize easily for Instagram stories with that vertical format. I also love that if you have Canva for work, you can have your logo, your colors, your fonts already in place, and so it’s really easy to drag and drop and create something quickly and easily, especially if you’ve got a team or an assistant who might be helping you with some of your content.

App number three is one of my favorites, Word Swag. Word Swag is a really awesome app. Now I will tell you it’s a few bucks in the app store, but it’s one of the best apps that I’ve purchased. I’ve used this app for quite a long time, and when you use Word Swag, you can import your own photos, you can also grab photos from their photo library. They have a beautiful stock photo library, and I say that very carefully because a lot of stock photo libraries aren’t that great.

But they have a great stock photo library. You could also create quotes. So if you love to share things like Monday Motivation or Wednesday Wisdom or Thursday Thoughts over on your Instagram stories, you can create a quick graphic. Again, either using your own camera roll or you can create a graphic using their stock photos, and then you can quickly and easily add an inspirational quote, change the font. You can even add your logo. Again, super quick, super easy, and it’s great to create really engaging content over on Instagram stories. As you know from hearing from me, Instagram stories is growing like leaps and bounds, and Instagram stories is a great way to really keep people engaged, to drive traffic to your website, and at the end of the day, build better relationships and build more business.

I would love to hear from you! Are you active over on Instagram stories? If so, drop your Instagram handle below in the comments.


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