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3 Real Estate Social Media Tips | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 101

Are you ready to get smarter about social media? Today, I want to share with you three social media tips for real estate pros.

Tip number one, don’t be all things to all people. I see this all the time with agents and brokers who think they have to be on Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, and Pinterest, and YouTube, and every single social media platform. My advice is to pick one or maybe two platforms that you enjoy being on that your clients are on and go there. You don’t have to be all things to all people, so pick one or two and go from there.

Tip number two, create a content plan. So it’s not as important to create just a social media plan, but also a content plan. A lot of times I see agents and brokers really hung up on how often they should post and what platforms to be on, and a lot of those questions are important, but really the bigger question is, what is the valuable content you’re going to put out there that’s going to tell the story of what it feels like to work with you?

So I’ll give you a quick tip. Take out a notepad and start making a running list of all the different questions that people ask you all the time. It could be things that you get asked when you’re on the phone or through email. You might even look in your sent email box and start jotting down notes of questions that you get asked all the time. And then start to put together a content plan and put out relevant content, whether that’s Instagram stories content, whether that’s video content, or maybe even Facebook live content, but I would shift the focus from a social media strategy to really a content strategy.

Tip number three is don’t set it and forget it. I know for a lot of agents and brokers, time is your most valuable asset and not just in real estate. Time is everyone’s most valuable asset. We’re only given 24 hours in a day, of course. We often think, well, gosh, I wish I could save a little bit of time. I’ll just find a solution where I can hit a button and my posts will go everywhere. This is what I call the spray and pray method.

And if you’ve been guilty of that, I’m going to say stop doing the spray and pray. Don’t set it and forget it. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a schedule, with having a system, with having a process, but don’t get in the habit of just hitting a button and having your social media posts go everywhere because a lot of times what happens is it’s kind of like driving past a home and seeing the lights are on, but nobody’s home. And that’s what I see when I go to someone’s Twitter profile or Facebook page and I see posts that are clearly not from that agent. They’re clearly automated.

So those are just a few simple things that can make a big difference, especially for all of you in real estate. I would love to hear from you. How are you using social media to grow your business? Leave me a comment below!


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