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How to Attract Your Dream Client with Social Media | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 092

Do you ever wish you could attract your dream client through social media? Listen up. I’ve got a few tips!

Now, wouldn’t it be great if all of our clients were dream clients? But we know not everybody that we work with is always really our ideal client. So I want to share with you three easy tips for attracting the right types of clients through social media.

Tip number one: brainstorm. I want you to brainstorm on people that you love to work with. Who’s the last person you worked with that when you worked with them, you just couldn’t wait to talk to them? On the flip side, who have you talked to recently that, when they called you, maybe you weren’t so excited to pick up the phone or chat with them?

So first and foremost, brainstorm. Who’s your ideal client? Is there a certain demographic? Is there a certain age range? What is it about them that you really enjoy? Was it a certain personality type, just different demographic? That’s going to be first and foremost, which leads me to point number two.

Point number two is to create meaningful content that’s going to help you attract those type of clients. So it’s not enough in social media just to curate content, meaning you can’t just kind of skate by on social media and share links to articles or share things that really aren’t personal. So one of the biggest tips to attracting your dream clients is to lean into who you are and who you’re not. So create valuable content, whether it’s video content, podcast content, Facebook Live content, Instagram Live content.

There’s so many channels these days to create unique content. The key is to do it consistently. This is something we try to do each and every week. We have new videos that come out. We put them over on Facebook and YouTube and over on Instagram TV, and we have found that by really leaning into who I am and who I’m not, we’re going to attract the right type of people. So create meaningful content, and you can start by thinking about all the questions that you get asked all the time and start creating really valuable content that’s evergreen, content that’s not just relevant today but content that’s relevant three, six, 12 months from now. The key is inserting your personality into that content.

Tip number three is now it’s time to distribute your content. So you’ve brainstormed on who your ideal client is. You’ve created some meaningful content. Now it’s all about distribution and, I would say, consistency. So if you’re just creating video but you’re not distributing it and you don’t have a plan for distribution, you’re missing the boat.

So I’ll give you a quick example. We create these weekly videos. Well, these weekly videos go up on YouTube. They also get uploaded directly to Facebook. We also create an Instagram story and a Snapchat story, and we share it once on Facebook now, and we’ll share it again on Facebook a few weeks from now. We’ll send out multiple tweets, and we’ll send an email to our email database. So thinking about what your distribution strategy is. It doesn’t mean you have to be on every single social media platform, but if you’re taking the time to create meaningful content that is tailored towards the people you want to attract, you have to think about what your distribution strategy is and also be really consistent. I highly recommend pick a day and a time every single week that you’re going to create that meaningful content, and then get a plan together, even if it’s just a simple checklist for how you’re going to distribute your content.

Now, as always, I have a bonus tip: don’t be a drive-by liker. So as you’re trying to attract your dream client, it’s not just about putting up content, although that makes a big difference. It’s also about being really meaningful and engaging with people. So I like to say focus five, meaning who are the five people you can engage with every single day on social media? When I scroll through my Facebook feed or my Instagram feed, I always try to find five people that I can engage with. Not just like, not just click a bunch of likes, but actually engage; leave a meaningful comment; maybe send them a message or even take the online offline. Okay?

So those are just a few things that can make a really big difference. I would love to hear from you! What questions do you have when it comes to social media? Put your questions in the comment below.


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