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How to Ask Questions on Instagram Stories to Get More Engagement | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 091

Are you ready to take your Instagram Stories to the next level? I can help! I am spending a whole lot of time over on Instagram (if you and I are not connected over on Instagram, let’s connect over on Instagram). But today I want to share with you just a simple thing that can make a big difference when it comes to Instagram Stories. What a lot of folks who are doing Instagram Stories are doing is they’re sharing content, which is great, but it kind of becomes this one-way street, this one-way conversation.

So to get more engagement when it comes to Instagram, I highly recommend you use the question feature with Instagram. Now, this is a fairly new tool, and whether you’re taking a photo or video within Instagram stories, there’s a little button that says Questions. When you push that button, you can ask any question, and make that as a post in your Instagram story. So we’ve done questions like, “Hey, ask me anything. What questions do you have when it comes to social media?” I also recently asked the question of, “What is your favorite business book?” So what happens when you ask questions, over the next 24 hours, because as we know, Instagram Stories just last 24 hours, over 24 hours people will type in their responses, and then you’ll get a notification that they have responded.

The reason why this is so valuable is that it’s two-way communication, building that engagement. That’s the name of the game, not just on Instagram, but any social media platform. So what I like to do is after I ask a question and I start to get responses back, you can respond privately, but I love to repost those answers back into my feed. I love to give that person a shout out, and say, “Hey, thanks, So-and-so. I love that suggestion. I love that tip.” What happens then is you’re giving that person a shout out, and you’re also sharing some really valuable information with the rest of your audience. So that one simple tip. Use Questions. Use that question feature to help build your engagement over on Instagram.

I’d love to hear from you. Are you using the question feature on Instagram Stories, yes or no? Put it in the comments below. Again, if we’re not connected on Instagram, come on over to Instagram. Let’s connect! We also have an Instagram course, by the way, if you’re thinking, “Oh, my gosh. How do I really put together a smart Instagram strategy?” You can check out our Instagram Course for Real Estate here. As always, if you like these videos, subscribe to us on YouTube. We’ve got new videos that come out each and every week!


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