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3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads Today | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 083

Are you ready to improve your Facebook ads? Here are three ways to finally improve your Facebook ads.

Tip number one: Utilize audience insights. I feel like this is one of the most underutilized resource when it comes to Facebook ads. On your Facebook business page, you can look into your insights. You could also look at your audience insights in Facebook’s ad manager, and audience insights is extremely helpful because it’ll give you some demographics of not just people who like your page or who like your content, but it will give you specific insights into who is engaging with you on Facebook: their age, their demographics, their location, lots of great information, which is specifically helpful when it comes to targeting.

If you’ve ever run a Facebook ad or boosted a post to this really wide audience and have had kind of so-so results, I highly recommend looking at your audience insights to really get a sense of who the type of people that are interacting with you the most already on Facebook. That is one of my biggest tips, especially when it comes to targeting a warm audience.

In fact, we’ve done other videos here on YouTube where we talk about really the value of targeting a warm audience. We’ll link to some of those videos down below because that is one of the first things that makes a huge difference when you want to improve your Facebook ads.

Tip number two is use landing pages. So often, I see agents and brokers using Facebook ads, and they aren’t pointing anywhere. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of value sometimes in running ads that are just awareness campaigns as we’ve talked about before; however, if you are really running ads for the purpose of lead conversion, you have to have people be pointed to some sort of landing page. We like to use LeadPages. is a great resource. It’s simple to use. It’s drag and drop. You can create something quickly and easily that looks on-brand with your brand, with everything that you’re trying to accomplish, but the value of using a landing page is this. When you use a landing page, what you’re asking people to do is one thing: You’re asking for their name and contact information.

The challenge is, a lot of people just point people over to their website, and let’s face it, when you go to someone’s website, there’s like 27 different things that you could click on versus actually put your name and email in where you want them to put their name and email in. Use landing pages. That is really key.

Tip number three is use striking imagery. You’ve got to have great photos when it comes to your Facebook ads. Now, I always feel like your own photos are best, but if you’re looking for great stock photos that aren’t your generic, cheesy stock photos, I love using either one of two resources. Number one is Death to Stock Photo. is fantastic. Also, Unsplash. Unsplash is a great tool. There’s also an app. Both of those you can search and find beautiful imagery that will really help make your Facebook ads stand out. I’ll give you a little bit of a bonus tip when it comes to imagery. You don’t always need to blast your logo and blast all your branding over every single image because, guess what, then it looks like an ad, and one of the keys to a great ad is not really making it look like an ad.

A little secret tip that we like to do when it comes to our Facebook ads is we will use imagery in the colors that are our brand. You might not see my logo on all of our ads, but a lot of our ads are typically red or kind of that teal/turquoise color because that’s our brand color. It’s easy to be consistent with your brand without necessarily having to splash your logo on every piece of content.

Those are just a few tips when it comes to really improving your Facebook ads. I would love to hear from you. What questions do you have about Facebook ads? Put those in the comments below. By the way, we have an awesome Facebook ads course. If you haven’t checked that out, you can check that out inside of our store. It’s also part of our #GetSocialSmart Academy. If you’re a part of our Academy family, make sure you check that out as well.


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