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3 Little-Known Social Media Strategy Secrets for Real Estate Pros | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 071

Are you being smart about your social media strategy? Today I’m sharing with you three smart social media strategies for real estate professionals!

Tip number one. Look at Your Life as Content. Some of the best agents and brokers that I know that are leveraging social media in a very smart way are sitting down and they’re scheduling, and they’re creating a little bit of their content on a regular basis. They also are not afraid, as they’re out and about to share their life as content. Whether it’s through Snapchat or Instagram, or Facebook. You see a beautiful sunset, something amazing happens in your life, you’re working with a great client, you just left a great listing presentation. Looking at your life as content is one thing that I try to do each and every day and so if you ever get stuck on what to post, look around. There’s beauty all around us and there’s always something interesting to post. So, that’s tip number one.

Tip number two is Batch Create Your Content. I have to tell you, this is one of the biggest things that’s made a huge difference for us. We’ve been doing The#GetSocialSmart Show here regularly for about a year and a half and one of the reasons we’ve been able to do it week in and week out is because, in my opinion, and you’ve heard me say this before, if I’m going to sit down, do my hair and makeup, and do one video, I might as well sit down and do four or five. So, as you start to think about your social media strategy I highly encourage you to batch create your content. If you prefer to write, or do podcasting, or video. If you can do one blog, you might be able to do two or three. If you can record one podcast, why not set aside a couple hours and record a few all in one day?

Same thing with any piece of content. If you’re going to sit down and create a little graphic and use a tool like, which is one of my favorite tools, why not create four, five, or six? Same thing with video or anything else. Batch create your content and put it in your schedule of when you’re going to do it, because if you’re like me or anybody else, if it’s not on your schedule it’s not going to happen. So you need to schedule when you’re going to publish this content each and every week or each and every month, whatever your schedule is. There’s no magic day, just pick a day, stick to it, put it in your schedule, and then schedule a day and time when you’re going to create your content. Now, what’s key about this is you have to set aside time that’s best for you. So, if you’re more of a morning person where you get up early in the morning and do it, maybe you’re an evening person, maybe you’ve got an hour carved out in your day …

Let me just say, there’s never a perfect time. There will always be something else that you need to do. You just have to make it work and batching your content can be a huge, huge time saver. Also, it can be really effective when it comes to your social media strategy.

Alright, my next tip, my third tip for a smart social media strategy is Creating Original Content. That is the name of the game. If you want to stand out in the news feed in 2018 and beyond it is about creating original content. So, whether that’s Facebook Live content, whether that is video content like what you’re watching right now, whether that is Instagram Story content, or Snapchat content, or graphics that you create for Facebook or Instagram, or blog post for LinkedIn … Original content is king. If you go to Facebook right now and you go to any real estate agent or broker’s Facebook Business page, I don’t care where they live, it could be Manhattan, Boise, Chicago, Florida, wherever. Nine times out of ten you’re going to see the same old, same old. You’re going to see listings, you’re going to see links to articles about real estate or the market, and it’s kind of the same old, same old. But, generally what’s missing is what do they sound like? What do they stand for? What are they all about?

So, in your local market, if you look around and you realize that, gosh, there’s not a whole lot of people who are doing this, the opportunity is wide open and instead of saying, “Gosh, I don’t know if I have time for it,” I would highly encourage you to make it a priority to make the time, because right now is such a big opportunity for you to create original content. It doesn’t have to be a full blown production with professional lighting and professional videographers. It can start with your phone. It can start with your iPhone. I’m recording this right now in my home office with an iPhone and my tripod. And so, start there, start simple, but start creating original unique content.

As always, I would love to hear from you. What questions do you have about social media? Put your burning question below. I would love to connect with you and really find out what your burning questions are about social media.


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