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  • 5 Lead Gen Tips for Real Estate Pros on Facebook | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 070

    5 Lead Gen Tips for Real Estate Pros on Facebook | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 070

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    Lead generation on social media? Today we are talking about social media lead generation for real estate professionals. I’m going to share with you a few quick tips that will help you generate more leads, doing what you love on social media.

    Okay, tip number one is, create helpful content. When it comes to social media, people very rarely are coming to Facebook or any social platform to buy a house or find a Realtor. But if you can be that voice of knowledge and education, whether you’re creating content using video, Facebook Live, vlog content, podcast content, original content is key, especially to standout in the newsfeed, but also to turn those likes into leads. So, create original content is key.

    Tip number two is, link to a landing page. So whether you are just posting on Facebook or Instagram or wherever you’re posting in your social media channels, if you really want to turn those friends and followers and connections into a connection on your email list or your database and turn that into a lead, you have to have a landing page. Because when you just link to your website there’s 27 different places that somebody could click. So have a link to a landing page. We love using is a quick and easy tool to get you set up with landing pages.

    Tip number three, Facebook ads. Facebook ads when done right can be a great source of lead generation. My big tip when it comes to Facebook ads is to target your warmest audience possible. A big mistake that a lot of agents and brokers make, is they run a Facebook ad and they spend $10 or $20, and they target this huge, huge audience, and they’re surprised when the leads they get are meh-meh. So target your warm audience, target people who already like you on Facebook, people who’ve already been to your website, people who have already engaged with you on Facebook, people who’ve already watched your videos, people on your database, those warm audience leads are some of the best. So that was tip number three, is, Facebook ads.

    Okay, tip number four is, highlight other people. As you’re creating content, as we mentioned in tip number one, highlighting other people is one of the best ways to generate leads. Why not think about the people in your network, the leaders at your schools, in your local community, in your businesses, that you love, that you think are doing great, great work? Why not reach out to them and say, “Hey, you know what, we are featuring a lender every month.” Or, “We’re featuring a business every month, and we want to highlight you.” When you can highlight someone in your social media strategy, either through Facebook Live or writing a blog post about them, they are more naturally, first of all, to share your content, but guess what? You have now built a relationship with that person and they are a potential lead, they’re also a potential source of future referral. So highlight someone else, give to get, it always comes back to you.

    My last tip, tip number five is, are you ready for this? Respond to everybody. What do I mean by that? When you’re on social media and you post a question or you share something and you see a few people comment, don’t just click like, but respond to each one of those comments. It can feel a little time-consuming, it can feel like, “Is this really worth it?” But let me just say, “If you’re the person that actually takes the time to respond to every single comment, people notice. People notice when you go above and beyond. When it comes to generating leads with social media, social media will never replace face to face, it’ll never replace that personal connection. So leveraging social media in a smart way to build those relationships, to connect with people, and responding to each and every comment, makes a big, big difference. You may have heard me say, “No Tweet left behind.” And I still believe that, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, take the time to respond, it is super, super important.

    I would love to hear from you. What are your favorite tools when it comes to social media and lead generation? Put those in the comments below!

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