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  • 3 of My Fave Social Media Apps for Real Estate | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 069

    3 of My Fave Social Media Apps for Real Estate | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 069

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    We’re going apptastic! Today I want to share with you three of my favorite mobile apps.

    App number one. One of my favorite apps is an app called, I love using when it comes to scheduling, especially for Instagram. Later is a free tool, you can upload up to 30 posts without ever having to pay for anything with It is an awesome tool because you can pre-schedule some of your content. But what I like about it is, and again, I don’t like to over-schedule things ’cause I don’t like to set it and forget it. What I really love about is it allows me on my desktop to be able to upload photos, and then really write a meaty caption. I can do my line breaks, I can add tons of hashtags. And what I found by using a tool like, is that I’m getting way more traction on Instagram because I’m being more thoughtful and taking the time to really write something meaningful. I’m taking the time to find really relevant hashtags. also helps you populate and find really great hashtags based on other hashtags that you’re using. And it’s just a super clean and simple format. There’s a mobile version, there’s a version for desktop. I love it,, awesome tool, especially for my Instagram friends.

    The second app, I’ve been using for years and years, and it’s still a favorite of my own, is an app called, Word Swag. Word Swag is so much fun because you can create graphics quickly and easily for Instagram, for Facebook, for Twitter, for Instagram Stories, for any of your social media networks. I love that I can easily add a logo. They’ve got an amazing stock library with beautiful pictures. You can grab quotes right from Word Swag, or you can write in your own words, whatever you like in their beautiful fonts. When it comes to content creation, it’s a great tool to create content quickly and easily. And lately, I’ve been using a lot for Instagram stories. So, I love Word Swag, really great tool.

    My third favorite app, this is an oldie but goodie, is Facebook Messenger. Yes, Facebook Messenger. You know, with the amount of noise that’s happening on Facebook these days, there is nothing like the one-to-one. So, I love using Facebook Messenger for birthdays and for reaching out personally.

    Sometimes we’ll see in our newsfeed that, hey you’ve been friends with so and so for seven years. I love to take that video and send that person a message and say, “Check this out, happy friend-versary,” or whatever it might be. The magic is in the one-to-one. I love with Facebook Messenger, there’s a calling feature. I can send videos, privately, if I’m sending maybe a happy birthday video. I can do audio messages with Facebook Messenger. It’s really one of my go to apps I’m using constantly on a day to day basis.

    Those are just a few of my favorite apps when it comes to social media, but I would love to hear from you! What are your favorite apps, especially when it comes to either social media or content creation? So, drop those in the comments below. Let me know what are some of your favorite apps. It’s always fun to discover new apps and new tools.

    Thanks, everybody. Have an awesome day!

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