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  • 5 Little Known Facebook Secrets for Real Estate Pros | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 065

    5 Little Known Facebook Secrets for Real Estate Pros | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 065

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    Today, I’m showing you five little known things you may not know you could do with Facebook.

    Tip number one: did you know that you could easily invite more people to like your business page who have liked your posts but haven’t necessarily liked your page? On your Facebook business page, when someone likes your post … so let’s say you post a picture of yourself and your clients, and you’ve got 10 people who like that post. You can click on that button that shows how many people liked it, and you’ll see a whole list of people who liked the post and if they haven’t also liked your page, you can send them a little invite to like your page. This is one of the reasons, by the way, that I also like to boost a lot of my posts because I find that by boosting a post, even if it’s not to generate leads, it will generate more likes, which means I can then go back in and invite those people to like my page. Now, at the end of the day, likes are not the end all, be all, but Facebook really favors more engagement and more people who are liking and engaging with your content. Instead of just spamming all your friends saying, “Hey, would you like my page?” Why not invite people who have already liked your content?

    Tip number two has to do with Facebook Live. I get asked all the time, “Should I do a Facebook Live on my personal profile or my business page?” Most of the time you’re going to want to do it on your business page, especially if it’s business related. And here’s why. When you do a Facebook Live on your business page, my little favorite hack is you can go back into your Facebook Live on your business page and edit the status update. So, instead of it saying, “Hey, catch me live. I’m live.” It can say, “Hey, check out the replay, and here’s the link for more information” or “Here’s the link I talked about at the two minute mark.” And you can change that text a little bit. You can also change your thumbnail so it’s not awkward. You all know how awkward thumbnails can be and so you can edit it a little bit. Some of you may not have realized that.

    Tip number three when it comes to Facebook: lists, lists, lists, lists, lists. You guys have heard me talk about this before but my goodness, if you’re not making lists, and you’re not organizing your friends on your personal Facebook profile, please get on it. I think I’ve done like 60 videos about this. On your personal profile, go in your profile, go to, and you can create a list of your high school buddies and your college friends and people who like dogs and people who like goldfish. I’m just kidding. Make a list of your clients and your potential clients, and organize your noisy newsfeed. That is one of the biggest tips, one of the biggest hacks. I’ve been talking to agents and brokers who have been doing this for years and I can tell you that it is game changing because instead of looking at the noisy newsfeed with cat videos and Pokemon posts and tweets and all this good stuff, we can go right to our client list and engage, engage, engage because as we all know, relationships are built with these small little interactions over the course of time. Get those lists and update your lists if you haven’t looked at those lists in quite some time.

    Tip number four with Facebook has to do with Facebook Groups. Are you managing a Facebook Group? If you are, you’re going to want to listen up because a lot of you may not realize that now there are Facebook Group analytics, which will give you some insights on who is most active in your Facebook Group, which is awesome. So, if you’re running a Facebook Group and you’re feeling like you’re not really getting the traction that you want to get with your Facebook group, what a great opportunity to look at your insights and get some engagement with that.

    Okay, my last time when it comes to Facebook. Tip number five has to do with Facebook Ads. A lot of you are confused when it comes to Facebook Ads, especially all of my real estate friends, so make sure you’re creating some custom audiences.

    Take some time to go into Facebook’s Ad Manager. Go to, click on the little button that says custom audiences, and create a few custom audiences for yourself. A few examples would be: custom audiences are people who watched your videos; people who come to your website; people who’ve engaged with you on Facebook. And once you’ve created those custom audiences, then you can go to your Facebook business page and do a little boosting and make it easy for yourself.

    Those are a few of my tips. I would love to hear from you, what questions do you have about Facebook. Put those in the comments below. And as always, if you like this video, we would love if you would like, comment, or share.

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