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  • LinkedIn Hacks for Real Estate | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 064

    LinkedIn Hacks for Real Estate | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 064

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    Real estate and LinkedIn? It’s like peanut butter and jelly! Today I’m going to share with you a few things you may not realize you could do with LinkedIn to build your business.

    Tip number one, when you first meet someone at an open house, or you get a lead, do not send them a Facebook friend request. Why? That’s creepy. But LinkedIn is that professional network. You get a lead, you get a connection, you get a referral, go to LinkedIn, check to see if they’re there, and then send them a LinkedIn connection request. But here’s the secret sauce, make sure you send a personal note. It could be as simple as, “Hey Suzy, I’m so glad to connect with you. I love that we have mutual friends. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Love to connect here on LinkedIn.” So use LinkedIn as that first point when you’re connecting with someone.

    Another thing that you probably don’t realize that you can do on LinkedIn that maybe you’re not doing as effectively, is blog on LinkedIn. I’ve been talking about this all the time in our #GetSocialSmart Academy. This idea of blogging on LinkedIn is super, super powerful, because when you create content on LinkedIn, and then you publish it on LinkedIn, it does two things. First of all, you’ve got this great piece of content that now you can share with your database, you can share it on Facebook. But it’s also living on LinkedIn. But when somebody’s checking you out, and let’s admit it, we all do that, right? Before we hire someone, don’t we Google them and ’em out? And if someone’s going to your LinkedIn profile, your blog content is living there.

    Here’s the good news, if you’re already creating content, let’s say you’re one of my real estate friends and you were blogging, or you’re doing video, you’re doing Facebook live, why not repurpose some of that? I’m not saying put all of it on LinkedIn, but once or month or so, there’s no reason why you can’t go to LinkedIn, open up a blank post, and then embed a YouTube video that you’ve created. Or embed a Facebook live that you’ve done, and then write a little blog post about it. Repurpose, as we all know, is the name of the game.

    My other big tip that you’re probably not doing on LinkedIn, is really take the time to go through, and actually talk about what it is that you do. So often I go to a real estate agent or broker’s LinkedIn profile, and it says, “Broker, ABC Realty.” Boring, right? This is the time to really shine, and tell people how great you are, and this is really the time to brag. Tell agents all the time on social media, don’t talk about yourself, it’s not about you. Let me tell you, LinkedIn, it’s all about you. Take the time, brag, you can even add some photos of you and your clients, and examples of your marketing. This is really kind of your time to shine.

    Those are a few extra tips. If you really want some extra brownie points, leave somebody a recommendation. I know in real estate, there’s lots of places that you guys get recommended, right? All over the place. LinkedIn is really powerful. I’m gonna challenge any of you who are watching this video to surprise somebody in your network. I want you to think about the last person you worked with, the last agent, or broker, or stager, or photographer, the last person in your business that went above and beyond. I want you to surprise them. Go onto LinkedIn, find their name, give them a recommendation. And I would almost bet, nine times out of 10, they are going to be over the moon that you did that. And they’ll probably give one to you in return.

    There you go, there are some of my favorite LinkedIn tips, tools, hacks, secrets, things you may not be doing on LinkedIn. I want to know, are you on LinkedIn? If so, hit me up in the comments, drop your LinkedIn link, let’s connect professionally!

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