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Insta Hacks | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 062

Today I’m going to share with you three secrets that you may not know to do with Instagram.

So tip number one, I love to schedule some of my Instagram content, and I use a tool called Now, I don’t mean set it and forget it. I don’t mean schedule everything out, then just let it go. But I mean, actually schedule a little bit in advance. I love using, mainly because then I can use my desktop. Have you ever felt like on Instagram you have to type this whole long thing out and then, “Ah, forget about it.” So on you can take your time, you can type out what you really want to write. Not only that, but it has some great hashtag suggestions. If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I don’t know what hashtags to use on Instagram.” You can start by typing #DenverRealEstate, #DenverHomes, and then it’ll start to populate other hashtags that might be relevant to your post.

Tip number two. Add your geo location. So when you’re out and about, if you’re at a local farmer’s market, if you’re at a concert, wherever you’re at, as you are a real estate professional, add your geo location. Whether we’re talking about your actual Instagram post in the newsfeed, or whether you are doing an Instagram story. If you’re doing an Instagram story and you add your geo location, that piece of your Instagram story will actually get added to the general Instagram story of Manhattan, or Denver, or New York, or whatever area you are geo locating.

So, what does that mean for you? That means that you’re just getting greater exposure. One of your goals with Instagram or any of your social networks, is just to get more exposure from people who don’t know you. Using your geo location can make a really, really big difference.

Tip number three, engage. Engage, engage, engage.
I don’t know if this is really a hack so to speak, but if you notice with the Instagram algorithm, it’s harder and harder to get the type of comments and engagement as it used to be. So you’ve got to engage. And so, one of my biggest tips is not to just run through your newsfeed and like, like, like, like, like. Because Instagram is going to think you’re just one of these automated bots. So take the time, at least once a day, and engage with at least five people. Focus five is my big tip. So as you’re going through your newsfeed, or if you’re going through Instagram stories, be intentional, and comment on at least five things. Take a few minutes to actively engage and say something meaningful, send someone a direct message, and then engagement will only help your posts get more prominence in the newsfeed.

So there you go, those are a few quick tips when it comes to Instagram. I would love to know, are you on Instagram? If you are on Instagram, drop your handle in the comments below.

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