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3 LinkedIn Mistakes Real Estate Pros are Making | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 059

Today I want to share with you three of the biggest mistakes I see real estate professionals making all the time when it comes to LinkedIn.

Mistake number one, not using the platform. I see this all the time where real estate agents are active on Facebook, or Instagram, and they’ve kind of let it go when it comes to LinkedIn. You have to understand, when you get Googled, as a real estate professional, one of the top three things that typically comes up is your LinkedIn profile. If there’s no information about you, or it’s out of date, there’s a perception that you’re not in business. First and foremost, dust off that LinkedIn profile and make sure it is up to date.

The second mistake that I see a lot of agents and brokers making is they’re not optimizing their profile. You want to optimize your profile by making sure that your contact information is there, that your brokerage that you work at is there, as well as your past work experience. This is also your time to shine and to add in your designation, your experience, you also want to make sure you add in the specific city and area that you focus on as well as you can add photos and videos. A lot of you may not realize this, but you can actually add links to YouTube and photos that really help to visually showcase what it is that you do.

The last mistake I still see happening on LinkedIn are agents and brokers that are just talking about their listings on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not the place to promote your listings. LinkedIn is a place to showcase who you are from a professional standpoint, creating original content, whether you’re blogging on LinkedIn, with content that has to do with leadership, and business, and real estate tips, things like that, can be really effective. At a minimum, just sharing really helpful articles. Maybe you find a great article in the news, or The New York Times, that has to do with the real estate market, or what’s happening in your local area. That can be a great piece of content that you post to your LinkedIn newsfeed to stay relevant and up to date.

Those are just a few of the quick things that can make a big, big difference. I’d love to hear from you, are you using LinkedIn? What are your thoughts? Is it time to dust off your profile?

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