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Instagram Tips for Real Estate Agents | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 057

Today, I am going to share with you a few Instagram tips that you may not know.

Instagram Tip Number One: Geo Location. When you’re using Instagram Stories, did you know that if you add the geo location, for example if I’m doing an Instagram story here in the San Francisco Bay area, and I add the geo location of San Francisco Bay area, that one piece of your story will actually appear in the San Francisco Bay Area Instagram Stories. What I mean by this is, as you’re out and about, let’s say you’re doing a quick Instagram Story about a local Farmers’ Market or a local concert or a local listing. In Instagram Stories, when you geo tag them, you add that geo location, that one piece of your Instagram Story is also going to get fed into the larger geographic Instagram Story that’s happening.

What does this mean for you and your business? This means that you’re going to get more exposure, you’re going to get more traction, you’re going to get more people seeing your Instagram content by doing that. I wouldn’t necessarily geo tag your location if you’re at home or if you’re at your kid’s school, or anywhere where you don’t necessarily want to geo tag that location, but depending on where you’re at, it’s a great way to get some traction on your Instagram account.

Tip Number Two: Hashtags. We’ve been talking about hashtags for a long time. Hashtags on Instagram Stories are linkable. You can click on a hashtag and you can see other people that are using that hashtag. That’s also a great way to get traction.

Hashtags also can make a huge difference in your posts, on your Instagram feed. A lot of you may already know this tip, but if you don’t know this tip, when it comes to Instagram hashtags, you put your hashtags in the comments. You don’t have to just put them right under the caption. You can put them in the comments, which helps to look a little less spammy when it comes to hashtags.

Another tip that you may not realize that you can do. When you’re looking at Instagram, you can actually click on a location and see all the posts that are happening in that specific area. For example, let’s say you love going to a local winery, and you guys know I love talking about wine, so maybe you go to a local winery and you geo tag that winery. You can click on that and see all the other posts that are happening at that winery, that day. This is a great opportunity depending on what the post is to engage with other people who are at that same location and like and comment and engage with them.

Those are just a few little things that can make a big difference when it comes to Instagram.

I want to give a big shout out to my friend, Sue Pinky Benson. Sue is an awesome Realtor with RE/MAX in the Naples, Florida area. I love how she uses Instagram on her regular news feed as well as Instagram Stories. She’s a great user of hashtags and geo tagging to tell that back story and connect with her community, connect with her audience, and ultimately, use Instagram as a way to build her business.

Bonus Tip: Did you know, on your Instagram Stories, you can also share your Instagram Story to your Facebook Story. I love this feature that Instagram has come up with.
Everybody’s got stories. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. I love Instagram Stories for a lot of different reasons. Lately, I’ve been loving them because I can also share them directly to Facebook, which is just one extra way to get extra traction and extra eyeballs on your content.

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