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How to Stay Consistent and Know What to Post | #GetSocialSmart Episode 050

Today we are talking about, how in the heck do you stay consistent when it comes to social media?

All right, I’ve got three quick tips for you. First of all, know what to post and when. You’ve got to find your rhythm. What do I mean by finding your rhythm? Consistency comes when you have an inherent sense of what to post on what social platform and when. For a lot of us, it’s a very personal decision. I can’t tell you where you post a photo of your kids or how to be personal. A lot of that has to come from yourself, but I will share with you sort of my rhythm, so to speak, when it comes to social media.

I use Snapchat as a way to share behind the scenes. Right? As I’m getting ready for a video shoot like this, as I’m getting ready to go on stage. Any kind of behind the scenes, that happens on Snapchat.

Instagram is a very aspirational platform. That’s where I’m going to post the beautiful picture of a garden or a sunset. I might post a little bit behind the scenes, especially if I’m trying to promote a blog post or a video, but generally speaking it’s a very aspirational platform.

Facebook tends to be the place where my friends and family, my parents, my best friend, that’s where they’re all hanging out. A lot of what you see on Facebook are things about my kids and family and my personal hobbies.

My Facebook business page is business. It’s all about business. Right? That’s where I’m posting about my business and how people could work with me and my clients and my speaking engagements.

Twitter, Twitter’s really fast-moving. Twitter tends to be a place where I retweet others. I like to highlight other people. I also, when I’m finding really great information like articles, I’ll share that on Twitter. Twitter’s also the place to drive traffic back to my blog.

Now, there’s other platforms we use like Pinterest and Facebook Live and things like that. Generally speaking, when it comes to those different platforms, I just have a rhythm. When it comes to my kid’s baseball game, when it comes to a beautiful sunset, when it comes to working with a client, I know exactly where I’m going to post it, how I’m going to do it and where, because I found my rhythm.

Now, I always say, “You don’t have to be everywhere.” You don’t have to be on Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and every platform I’m on. I’m on it because I’m in the business of social media. Pick one or two, maybe three that work really well for you that you enjoy and that your clients are at, and find your rhythm.

My next tip is incorporate social media as part of your daily routine. Every morning, I’ve got my cup of coffee, I’ve got my phone, and I spend a few minutes every single morning before I open up email. I spend a few minutes every morning, probably 15 to 20 minutes going through some of my different social media platforms, and I have a rhythm. I have a routine for responding to notifications and posting and things like that. It’s got to be part of your routine on a daily basis. For me, I tend to do it first thing in the morning. I might check in later in the day, and then definitely evening, maybe as I’m watching TV. You have to have a daily routine.

You also need to have a weekly routine. I set aside time, generally once or twice a week, where I’m sitting down and scheduling out some of my content. I’m looking at my content schedule, I’m looking at the next few weeks, you know, adjusting things. Then I also have a monthly content schedule. I have a time once a month where I’m sitting down, just like this, and I’m batching out a lot of my content. I’m sitting down and creating four, five, six videos, or a couple blog posts, or thinking about the next few Facebook Live content that I’m going to create.

Have a rhythm and then really incorporating a daily, weekly, and monthly routine into your system. That’s what it’s all about.

For some people, they can kind of fly by the seat of their pants. I have found, when it comes to business, and if you want to treat social media as part of your business, you have to treat it just as important as any other appointment, as anything else in your business. When you systemize it and it becomes a part of your routine, just like anything else, then all of a sudden it becomes easy to be really consistent. If you don’t post on a day or you don’t follow through it almost feels weird. It’s like getting up and forgetting to brush your teeth. When it becomes part of your routine, it just becomes so much easier. Find your rhythm, get into a routine.

Then, the last part that I’m going to talk about really quick in terms of being consistent, you want to think about what type of content you’re sharing out there. Typically, the type of content that I share falls into three buckets. The first is life. Just life in general as I’m out and about, I’m out with my husband, connecting with my team, I am working, whatever it might be, life happens. Look at your life as content. The other type of content I typically will put out there is promotional content. Things about my clients and my business.

Then, the last part is engaging with other people. When you look at your routine, you look at your calendar, you want to kind of think about those three buckets. Thinking about your life as content, what’s that personal content you’re sharing in the moment on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? Promotional content, what does that look like? Having a routine of what type of promotional content. Making sure your personal profiles aren’t too salesy and that you’re using things like your business page with your Facebook ad budget, that’s a whole other topic, to really be promotional. Then that last piece of it is so important. Don’t forget to engage with other people. That is really the name of the game.

Consistency, get a plan, find your routine, that’s what it’s all about. I would love to hear from you! Do you have questions? Is this something that you struggle with? How do you find your routine? How do you find your consistency when it comes to social media?

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