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How to Find Content Worth Posting | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 041

How do you know what type of content is the best type of content to post to your social media channels? Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat – there’s a few things I think that are really important. First of all, I always like to think about what are things that you like to like or comment or engage on?

Think about why people share or comment or engage with things. Typically, they’re things that are either funny, they’re poignant, they’re interesting. Finding content like that can be really, really critical. I love to use a tool called Buzzsumo. is a fantastic tool where you can put in specific things that you’re interested in and then Buzzsumo will turn around and send you some of the best articles, the best links that are getting the most shares on social media already. If you’re looking for some great curated content Buzzsumo is a great tip.

Also, you can set up Google alerts for things that you’re already interested in. Maybe it’s wine tasting or sports. Setting up those Google alerts will help you find really great valuable content. At the end of the day some of the best content that’s worth sharing is content that you create yourself, so whether it’s a quick photo, a quick selfie, a quick video. Content that’s created, not just curated is really, really valuable.

I challenge you as you’re out and about in your day to day life, when you’re with your clients in your business where are those moments of opportunity to take a quick 10 or 15 second video? To take a quick selfie with a few of your clients. Whatever that might be. The big tip here when it comes to content is make it be more than just about yourself. When you can bring other people into the conversation and highlight other people that’s content that’s worth sharing.

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