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Metrics That Matter | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 040

When you’re thinking of social media strategy it’s not enough to just think, oh well this sounds like a good idea. I’m a big believer in looking at numbers, looking at the data because the numbers don’t lie.

What are some important metrics to look at when you’re looking at your social media data? Number one look at your Facebook Insights. If you have a Facebook business page, looking at your Facebook Insights is going to give you a tremendous amount of knowledge about the people who like your page, people who are most engaged with your page, age, gender, region and this is going to give you a tremendous amount of information especially when it comes to boosting or advertising your post.

Also, when it comes to Facebook Insights, look at your posts and I would look at the engagement that you get on your posts. By going into your Insights you can actually sort your posts by engagement and see is it videos, is it Facebook Lives, what type of content is actually getting the most reach, the most clicks, the most engaging out of all the content that you post.

The other thing when it comes to Facebook Insights is, you can actually see when people are most online. What is the best time of day to post to Facebook? Look at you Facebook Insights and then you can get a sense of when you should post or schedule your content. Facebook metrics are really important.

If you’re active on Instagram especially if you have an Instagram business account one of the things I love about Instagram business accounts is the Insights available. So similar to Facebook Insights, you can look at your demographics. You can look at best time of day to post and that can really help you tremendously in getting the most bang for your buck.

And finally, you’ve got to look at your Google Analytics. Hopefully you have Google Analytics set up on your website and what I like to look at when it comes to Google analytics is I like to look at referring traffic. Where’s your referring traffic coming from? Is it coming from Google, is it coming from Facebook, is it coming from Twitter. Look at that referring metric and also look to see what are the top places on your website that people are clicking to and sharing the most. Looking at those metrics that matter, it makes a really big difference when you’re thinking about your content and your social media strategy for this year and as we go into the next year as well.

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