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Why You Should Have an Instagram Business Account | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 038

Today we are talking about Instagram business accounts, and I want to share with you three reasons why if you’re in business for yourself, maybe you’re in real estate or you’re a small business owner, three reasons why you should have an Instagram business account.

Reason number one, the advertising. Instagram is owned by Facebook, as most of us know, and so when you advertise on Instagram, you’re getting the benefit of using Facebook’s ad platform. And by having an Instagram business account, you just have more advertising options. You can really target your Instagram posts specifically to zip codes, and interests, and job titles, and income. You can also do Instagram ads right within Instagram stories, and this is an emerging platform, this is going to continue to evolve and change. But those are really great opportunities to capture people in a little bit of a quieter environment. Instagram is still a little bit of a quieter environment, compared to Facebook. Why have an Instagram business page? First of all, it’s really about the advertising.

Secondly, the analytics. When you have a business account with Instagram, there is some great analytics that you can see. Again, similar to what Facebook has with Facebook insights for their business pages. So you can see each day of the week, which days are better for posting, what peaks and valleys you might have, in terms of when’s the best time of day to post, and you’ll also get some great statistics on your Instagram stories. So you’ll see who saw your stories, how many views you’re getting, and so you can really start to make some intelligent decisions. If you’re using Instagram for a business perspective, you really see what type of graphics, what type of content is really, really resonating with your audience.

So number one, the advertising, number two are the statistics, and number three is the ability for people to contact you easily. In the past, if you just had an Instagram personal profile, you could throw up a link, you could put your email, but there really wasn’t like one button for someone to contact you. That one button is a big game changer, I think, when it comes to Instagram business accounts. So if you have a business account, you can have a simple button that allows people to either go to your website, to call you, or to email you. Imagine when you’re doing your Instagram content, if you have an audience that you tend to speak to on the phone a lot, or you speak to a lot through email, it’s much easier to have that call to action that says, “Just email me, click this button,” and it’s much more effective, especially when you think about how to use Instagram to generate leads for your business.

How do you convert your Instagram account to a business account? Here’s a simple graphic that should help!

By the way, if you have an Instagram personal profile, you can easily change it over to a business account. Just go into your settings within Instagram, and you can easily change that over. If you find that you’re using your Instagram account more so for business than personal, I would go ahead and change that over to your business profile.

One last bonus tip, you can take your Instagram business account, and then link that to your Facebook business page, if you have a Facebook business page. I would love to hear from you. Do you have an Instagram business account? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below. And as always, if you liked this video, like it, comment, share with a friend, we would really appreciate it.


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