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How to Talk About Business on Your Personal Profile | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 036

Today we’re going to talk about how do you talk about your business on your personal profile, otherwise known as, the 20% rule.

So if you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know that I’m a big believer, on your personal social media profiles, especially on Facebook, your personal Facebook profile should, in my opinion, follow the 80-20 rule; 80% of what you post should be personal, because Facebook is personal. 

That’s the place where you talk about your family, and your friends, and your kids, and your hobbies, and your passions, and your pets, and then if you’re like me, I show lots of photos of my two boys, a great glass of wine, cup of coffee, my travels. So, 80% should be personal.

The other 20% is business, and this is where a lot of people get a little hung up. When I say, “Use your personal profile for business 20% of the time,” what I mean by that is, think about ways that you can intentionally connect with people by using your personal profile. So there’s two quick tips I want to give you.

First of all, really utilize Facebook Lists. If you’re not setting up private Facebook Lists, where you’re putting your clients, your family, your friends, into specific lists within your personal profile, then you’re missing a really, really huge opportunity, because when you can organize your friends, and your clients, and your prospects into lists on your personal profile, this will allow you to take a few minutes every day, look at your lists, look at your clients, look at the people you really want to connect with for business, and then take a few minutes to like, or comment, or engage with people, in a really real and authentic way. Don’t just click like for the sake of clicking like, but use Facebook as a way to build those relationships for business. So that’s first and foremost.

The second thing is, you can certainly post about your business, or post about what you’re doing, but I really encourage you to think about it not necessarily in terms of just blasting out, you know, sales information, or, “Yay, I have a new listing,” especially from my real estate friends, but really looking at moments of opportunity.

Look at your life as content. If you have an open house, maybe you post a beautiful photo of the front door, or the gorgeous backyard, or the cookies that you’re about to serve, right? So looking for those little moments of opportunity.

And when it doubt, think about why you love what you do. When you come from a place of truly loving what you do, when you talk about that on your personal profile it doesn’t seem sales-y, or business-y, because it’s just part of who you are, right? So, again, follow that 80-20 rule, especially on your personal profile, with Facebook; 80% personal, 20% business. Use Facebook Lists, and really get intentional of the way you’re connecting with people.

My last, bonus tip, by the way, is join some relevant Facebook groups that are relevant to your community or your industry. There’s some great Facebook groups that will allow you to really shine, and to answer questions, and be really that voice of authority, without, again, promoting yourself in a super sales-y way.

Alright, so those are my quick tips on the 20% rule, I’d love to hear what you think. Leave me a comment below and if you liked this video please like, comment, and subscribe!


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