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Should You Have a Facebook Personal Profile and a Business Page? | #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 034

There is one question that I have been asked for years and years, and I figure, “Hey, let’s answer it again right here on the #GetSocialSmart Show.” The question is, “Katie, should I have a personal Facebook profile and a business page?” Yep, I’ve been getting asked this question for years and years, and let me tell you the answer to this question.

Yes! I really believe that you should have both. Now, a few years ago if you would’ve asked me this question, I probably would’ve said, “Well, it depends,” and you may have seen an earlier video where I talked about having a personal profile and a business page. At one point in my career, I did say, “Kinda depends.” But to be honest, it’s 2017 and Facebook has changed dramatically just the last few months, let alone few years. So your personal profile is a great place to connect with people on that personal level.

I believe in the 80/20 rule. On my personal profile, 80% of what you see are going to be pictures of my kids, pictures of wine, pictures of travel, my kids playing baseball, more of my kids, right? It’s personal. And maybe 20% or so has to do with business. But your personal profile is a great place to build those relationships. That’s where the relationship building piece of social media comes in, on your personal profile. That’s where you can create Facebook lists with your clients or your potential clients, and you can get really intentional about connecting with them, wishing them happy birthday and connecting with them in that personal level, and keeping in touch with them in a scalable way that makes sense.

Especially for all of you in real estate, my real estate friends, buying or selling a home, for most people, is a really sacred experience. It’s right up there with getting married and having kids and buying a home. So how do we stay in touch with people? A lot of times it’s just postcards and door knocking and Christmas cards, and all that still works, but keeping in touch on a personal level on Facebook can be really, really effective too. That’s the personal side.

The business side, when it comes to promoting your listings and promoting your business, getting people to sign up for your email newsletter, whatever that might be, that’s got to happen on your business page. With your business page — we all know this — organic reach is really down on business pages. It’s hard to get people to see or contact on your business page.

So instead of seeing your business page as one more place to post content, I really encourage you to think of it as your advertising platform. That’s the place to really think about advertising your listings, building your brand, doing Facebook ads, doing some boosts to posts. Whether we like it or not, Facebook has become a little bit of a pay to play, especially on that business page. But having a business page is one of the best ways to do targeted advertising to people in your demographic, to people who already know, like, and trust you, to people who are outside your sphere that you want to connect with. It’s a huge, huge opportunity.

So this age-old question, “Katie, do I have to have a personal profile and a business page?” I’m going to say in 2017, “Yep, you need to have both.” I would love to hear from you though. What do you think? Do you have a personal profile and a business page? If you do, link them up below. Feel free to put those in the comments, and leave me your questions when it comes to Facebook. I’d love to answer any questions you have about Facebook marketing.

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