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Top 5 Social Media Don’ts for Real Estate Pros

Chances are you’ve been reading a lot about what to do when it comes to social media, but do you know what not to do? This is no different from any other social situation, and you need to understand the norms to follow as well as a few faux pas to avoid.

These are my top five social media no-nos for real estate pros:

1) Don’t outsource your social media. Think about it this way: would you outsource taking your best client to dinner? Of course not. Don’t hand off one of the biggest opportunities you have to connect and build relationships with past, present and future clients.

Now, if you are a broker or manage a large office or team, then yes you will want to hire someone to help manage your social media presence – but for the average agent – doing it yourself (even if just a few minutes a day) can make a big difference.

2) Don’t go on auto-pilot. Automatic notifications are considered spam, and no one wants to look spammy – especially as a first impression! That being said, there are some things you could automate to help your process. One of my favorite tools IFTTT allows you to create ‘recipes’ – such as:

  • Every time you post an Instagram photo it tweets it using the format
  • Every time you change you Facebook profile photo, it changes it in Twitter too
  • Every time you favorite a tweet, it saves it to a spreadsheet in Google Drive

3) Stay out of sync. Don’t sync your Facebook feed to your Twitter feed, or vice versa. Many real estate pros do this in an effort to save time, but it comes off as annoying to anyone who follows you on both platforms. You’ll also find that the language and conversation styles vastly differ between the two social networks. While you can certainly post the same type of content to each channel, do so separately and be sure you’re using the right lingo for each,

4) Do more than promote your listings. There are few better ways to kill your feed than reducing it to a bunch of listings. You can certainly talk about your listings on social media, but do it in a smart way: highlight an amazing photo with Instagram, or take a quick video of the home or homeowner using an app like Vine or Instagram. Stay away from the same-old, same-old and get those creative juices flowing!

Want to be inspired? Check out some of my favorite Facebook Pages for real estate that are generating leads for Realtors but more importantly, they are helping to build relationships with current and past clients:

5) Fix that broken record. Get yourself a content strategy and take the time to brainstorm all the different things you can talk about on your social channels. Making sure you have a nice balance of daily content will prevent you from bombarding your audience with the same message again and again – and it’ll do a far better job promoting your brand. (need some content inspiration – make sure you are on my email list to receive your free copy of my content grid!)

Have I missed anything? Let me know – leave me a comment below or on my Facebook Page!


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