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Deadline: Registration for #GetSocialSmart Ends Midnight, Jan. 15th

I’m super excited to kick-off 2015 with the next round of my 6-week coaching program – Get Social Smart. I introduced this course last year and I’m so excited to be able to offer it again!

It has been so exciting to see the transformation I’ve seen from the people who have taken my class.

I get asked quite a bit about results and ROI. The truth is – is that as much as it’s great to think we can measure likes, friends and followers – the ROI is really rooted in the execution of the program.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.37.57 PM

One of my recent coaching clients!

The 6-week program is truly a platform, a jump-start and then it’s up to you to run with it and do the heavy lifting.

I have a lot of clients say, “I wish I could just have someone do this for me.”

The truth is that you may be able to hire an assistant or social media manager to assist you – but at the end of the day social media is about a relationship and it’s about having a tool to help you deepen the relationship you have with your past and current clients.

The cherry on top is that when done right, social media is ALSO one of the best ways to generate leads.

One of the biggest things you will get out of my 6-week coaching program is direction on where to spend your money and time.

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One of my recent coaching clients!

Imagine having a solid sense of how you are going to keep in touch and market yourself successfully using social media. No more guessing, no more ‘hoping’ something will work – but maybe for the first time having a clear sense of how social media is going to work for you.

There is no master cookie-cutter plan that I can you that is going to work for everyone.

But, by the end of my program you will be able to make decisions about the time you spend on social media, what platforms to be on, where you should spend your ad dollars, how to track if it’s effective and how to to use social media to tell your story in an effective way that is going to bring you more business.

Social media is not the end all and be all – but it is a critical tool to stay competitive to grow your business and keep in touch with your sphere.

I’d love for you to be a part of my next 6-week program. We start Friday, January 16 and registration closes at midnight on Thursday, January 15th.

Here are the quick and dirty details about how the program works:

  • We meet every Friday online at 10am PST/ 1pm EST as a group.
  • Each call is recorded so if you miss one, you will always have the recording.
  • Each call is a session I lead and each week we talk about various social media platforms, strategy, content, ads and much more!
  • Each week there is any opportunity for everyone to ask questions live on the call.
  • Each week you will receive a copy of the recorded call, my slide decks and tons of checklists and templates that will help you get your plan into action.
  • Each week there will be assignments and accountability to keep you on track
  • In between calls, you have access to me to get your questions answered – you can always reach me via email or privately on social media.
  • All coaching clients get exclusive access to my secret Facebook group
  • NEW for 2015: All of my coaching clients get LIFETIME access to the program. Meaning – once you take the 6-week course, you can repeat it at any time. Social media changes all the time so you will always have access to the program!

To find out more, and reserve your spot – click here! 




P.S. Still have questions? Email me! katie (at) katielance (dot) com


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